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Lounge / Thoughts?
im really trying to convince myself that i like it but that front end is turning me off.  i dont know if im the only one to think that but when u see it from helicopter view it looks like a freaking explorer lol. it looks fat
on the other end i love the dash.  anyways in my book an lx hatchback or a 2004 cobra suits my taste better.
Suspension/Steering / Panhard bar PM3L
MM suggests on their site to retain the rubber bushing on the upper control arms when installing their phb

any toughts on how the phb will comply with the CHE upper control arms and their stiffer bushings?

alot of guys on mustang forums complain they have to replace their upper ctrl arms bushings frequently when the stock rubber piece is not used

any toughts?
Body/Appearance/Interior / hot to take out engine harness
From what i ve seen the computer is almost at the same height of the side of the dash so even when the kick panel is removed i wasnt able to clearly see  from where the comp is bolted. is it some sort of bracket like a battery hold down?  is it that easy to take off the comp connector out of the firewall  , i feel like its goin to jam  and get stuck on the dash brackets or the ventilation box for the heater. Also, is thereany need to unbolt the H.O intake plenum to unhook the injector connectors under it or there is enough room?

thanks alot Chris i guess its gonna be alot easier  the second time than the first

Body/Appearance/Interior / hot to take out engine harness
Hi guys 
i was wondering if you could give me some tips on removing an engine harness from a 1988 5.0 cougar
i will need to take the dash off im pretty sure but i dont know the strategical bolts to remove. do i have to drop the column?
then snake out the computer connector out the firewall.
also, can i access the hego connectors from up top in the engine bay or i have to go under the car, im asking because its all muddy at the yard. any input will be greatly appreciated

Lounge / new job
thanx alot guys for the good vibes
Lounge / new job
Hi guys 

Today ive got very good news for me and i wanted to share it with you all

I got a new job  as a Ford technician  i am very happy and the place looks really nice and they even are a Svt dealer  on top of that.
tomorrow will be my first day if all goes well with my current job.

its a pleasure for my to share this with you guys  this is really a dream come true for me
Vendor's Section / Rear shock adapter brackets
Hi Chuck
i have a question, as lowered as your car is and with these brackets is it ok to run sn95 shocks or its better with fox units
thats the kind of stance im looking for so i was just wondering if sn95 shocks would have too much travel(if thats any bad) with a stance like yours plus the brackets  also you confirm its ready to go with coilovers?

thanx Chuck
Lounge / Birthday bird
Nice bird!  i have a similar story
my bird was born on the 25th of september in 1985 and i was born 2 months later on the 25th  somehow i feel so bonded with it because of that

Happy birthday to your son
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / 1983 TC article
great article
i noticed tough that the ad about the seats says the side thigh support are adjustable is that so?? i never knew are they adjustable by the means of that rotating knob at the base of the seat?
by adjustable they mean it can be raised or lowered right? i wonder if it would adjust anywhere near the svo side bolsters.