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Engine Tech / Just a little bit of progress
Made a bit of progress last nite, it's hard with the baby so im getting like 1 or 2 hours a week to work on it lol. I got to finish up some plumbing and mount the intercooler, do a intake tube, and get some plugwires and fuel still... but, i feel like it's all finally coming together and i might be starting it soon! Very exciting haha
Lounge / What movies have your cars been in?
I see our cars in movies all the time. There was one in at least 4 episodes of "breaking bad" i just noticed this past week. I love seeing our cars, i wonder how many have owners on this forum
Suspension/Steering / new project
Lol thanks guys, good to be back. I like how i disappear for years at a time and still have a higher post count haha.trying yo limit spending, its been like 2k/year per vehicle and only one per year haha. Now i got a baby to worry about along with 3 projects
Suspension/Steering / new project
Ok lol... I've had a pretty interesting few years. Everything non thunderbird aside, I've started working on my car again. Some new update pictures, pulling it out of storage, the engine work i finished up. Crystal even helped weld some stuff for me. I'm hoping to get it started this year lol.

Lets see if that works for now... using note4 to internet has never been more of a pain in the u kno what then just now on image shack.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / 87-88 TC Clear Inner Corner Lamps
just looked... i have a set, but they look like they have stress cracks around the outside of the lense. i wouldnt have saved them if they were ef'd up when i pulled em, so it must have happened in the shed. also, i must have sold the good set i know i had in my shop, because now i just have one of my extra sets of TC tail lights there. sry man, i thought for sure i had em.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / lowering springs (pictures added)

thats the craigs list ad, the suspension techniques springs might be for a fox body, i'm honestly not sure anymore... but you get all 6 for 150 plus shipping for you guys. so, if you're interested you can message that craigslist ad and it will go to my phone and we can set somthing up. i will ship if i have to, but i have no idea what it's going to ad to the cost cause these things are heavy. if it's still here, i started a thread called springs, who has what. with pictures... there should be a picture of my car with the lowering springs on it there.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / lowering springs (pictures added)
I'll get some pix when I get home but I have hr springs and I think another set that I used for my white car for like 6 months or so.

Like I said, later I'll get part numbers and pictures. Looking for a fair price, ill sell all 6 or the full set and the other two. Paints still shinny

Located in deptford nj 08096. I can deliver or ship if you're out of state.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / aluminum heads
Looking for used cheapish heads lol. Im trying to get this car going and I have iron gt40s that im porting but with the machine work it will cost later I might as well just try and buy used better heads.

Looking for pretty much anything as long as there complete. Willing to spend about 500