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Suspension/Steering / Re: Advice on wheels.
I would upgrade to 5lug if I was going to make it more of a high horsepower driver again or protouring vibe. This cougar was my drag car for a while it had upgraded 10inch brakes with drilled and slotted with upgraded pads, bigger drums in the rear. But since I dont race it anymore it going back to stock and some nice wheels to enjoy it since Cougars are hard to find now adays. Use to not be the case 10 years ago when everything was readily available everywhere still.
All my other cars have big brakes, big power.
Suspension/Steering / Advice on wheels.
I'm looking at removing my weld wheel setup(15x5,15x10) and upgrading to 17's or 18's this winter or early spring when my cougar drives again finally. I can't make up my mind on a new rim setup the three options are
 Option 1 is 95 cobra r rims in 4 lug
 17x8 front with either 225 or 245 tire
17x10 rear with 275 or 285 tire
Option 2 is saleen sc wheels 4 lug
17x8 front  225 or 245 tire
17x10 rear 275 or 285 tire.
Option 3
95 cobra r rims or saleen sc wheels
18x8 front
18x9 or 18x10 rear.
Any recommendations or pro or cons of each would appreciate it and any pictures with these wheels to give me a idea since been looking at mustang with these setup since can find any pictures of cougar or Thunderbirds anymore.
User Rides / WANTED: Pics of 87-88 WHITE TC's with Draglites
if you want to run 15x10's you just need a 6.5 backspacing and it will fit perfect and will clear fine. thats what my cougar has one the back of it with 295/50/15's with weld draglites 15x10's that are 4 lug.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / cougar tail light
i would have already did the 85-86 setup if both were messed up and then been able to drive my cougar. but instead i stuck trying to find the hardest tail light around a stock driver side tail light.
Drivetrain Tech / gear ratio
like all the other guys said it takes lots of fund to make a v6 powerful. but after you do make a v6 powerful its totally worth it. if you want to do a few things to your v6 then i would start off with the small things like- underdrive pulleys, exhaust system, timing, roller rockers upgrade, windstar upper and lower intake upgrade then rebuilt the engine and rear end to your liking.
p.s plus with my stock gears which were 2:73 gears i topped out of like 125-130mph with my v6. its just now with my modified v6/  with built transmission and traction lock 3:73  rear end i can just top the car out quicker.
User Rides / My new (to me) 87 Turbo Coupe
the 17x10's will work perfect on your turbo coupe. the only thing you might have to do is remove the quad shocks or flip them for better fitment. i had 15x10's with quad shock for a while on my cougar till i upgrade to 15x12's in the rear.
User Rides / 265/70-15
do you have any more pictures of your sho?
Engine Tech / performance parts
i have been on other forums to get parts and info for my big block malibu and high horsepower el camino lately. now im back to fixing my cougar since im tired of letting it sit for 2 years. so i will be on here alot more with my new v6 info and items to show you guys.