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User Rides / Re: 88 XR-7 Project "Save this ol car"
So there will defiantly be some parts sharing with my new friend.

Didn't think I would find someone so close with more 87-88 Cougars than I have  :biggrin:;sa=tmpattach;attach=post_tmp_6239_b3e40688f82db8cf059949873a4389be;topic=40946

Lucky guy!!!  There are practically none of these cars around me......
Suspension/Steering / Re: running 99+ stang twin pistons calipers on 95 spindles
Heater Core Replacement:

I would suggest that you get the Motorcraft heater core but they are no longer in production so you may be stuck with an aluminum aftermarket unit.  Ford P/N on the heater core is E9LY-18476-A and the Motorcraft P/N is HC-5.

Found this video out on YouTube but did not watch all of it:

I did my 88 a few  years ago.  Just follow the instructions on coolcats and take your time.  I was able to get the motorcraft on rockauto, but they are long gone now.
Engine Tech / Re: Holley Terminator X
Holy Cow!  That is a nasty wreck.  So glad you both are ok.

I dread stopping in lane to make a left turn, let alone stopping on freeway.  People have no attention at all.

Did they say what the Ram drivers excuse was?
Suspension/Steering / Re: Springs for V8
Beautiful car BTW!  Stock engine with flat top pistons?  I Gt40p to use also and top end.  You using a stock HO cam?