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User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
Got the fenders back on today and all the wiring tidy'd muddled through some tuning parameters on the fitech because I couldn't get it to idle down right. I think it's just running through the self learn parts still cause it runs a little better each time I walk away from it. Also put the mach 1 chin spoiler on as well. And I got mine from lmr, and the fasteners they sent it with SUCK. Definitely going to upgrade those before the season hits.
User Rides / Re: My 85 TBird
That looks amazing! Hell of a good job man I can't wait to see it finished
User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
What's the reasoning for the 1" spacer under the FiTech?  If you could ditch that and use a 1" drop cleaner you might be able to use a stock hood.  May have to do some metal work on the underside of the hood but others have fit 351W under a stock hood in these cars.

Making some hella progress!
The 1 inch spacer is in there because I plan on running a plate system in the long run so the height is accounted for already. I already have a drop base air cleaner and it sits on the AN fittings coming from the unit and no matter how I direct the fittings they hit. The trickflow intake is about the same height as a super victor maybe a touch taller. I already have 1/2" spacers between the k member and body. I could get away with running a 1" air cleaner element. But even so, the base of the drop down is above the fender line... And the picture was taken before I tossed the spacer in.

Fitment issues a plenty lol if I would have been a smarter man I would've just got a victor jr and went with it but I wanted to be difficult and go against the grain.

Also, since the video was taken the pickup in the unilite crapped out on me so I haven't been able to tinker anymore with it. The new pickup will be here tomorrow.

And aside from the tach, all the factory gauges still work
User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
Got some more wiring done, still have a little bit more but just trying to find time to do it. I still have to run the power to the fuel pump and the hot from the battery. And need to redo my fan setup and the relay for that as well. As much as I like the dual fan idea, I think I'm going to revert back to the single 16" fan for sake of being thinner. And weighing less.
User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
Wiring went well today... For the most part.... Its not done yet but its layed out ready to make most of the connections. Ive still got to run the feed to the battery and fuel pump but its getting down to the nitty gritty.
User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
Just slam the hood hard a couple times. It'll close.


.....sooner or later.

Transmission and shifter are in. Clutch cable in and roughly adjusted the firewall adjuster will do the rest I'm sure. I've got to finish up the exhaust, and put the driveshaft in and fill the t5.

Then the work up top can be started on some wiring. That itself will take the longest for me but its a labor of love.
User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
She's in. Just gotta get the transmission in and button up the under side then I can focus on the top side and the hood cause a flat one simply wont work due to a minor clearance issue.

User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
I'm getting somewhere now. It should be ready to go in as soon as the bay is ready for it. Still a few small things to do to that area then change the rear main, bolt the t5 and all its glory to the old girl and send it.

Edit: for the record I hate those stupid t-less t-handle valve cover fasteners and they will be going in the garbage can soon.
User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
More prepping and side tracking. Decided today that it would be a good time to swap the doors fenders and all the other nonsense work I had to do before plugging the new drivetrain in. Also tucking the wiring like I did on the old one. Tried out that vht wrinkle finish paint on the air cleaner and valve covers just to see how it looked. And I like it. Looks a lot better than chrome and really old aluminum