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T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / 86 Turbo Coupe Interior parts
I bought a 86 Turbo Coupe with red interior from COLD on this forum about 3 years ago and he brought it up to me this past weekend. I'm going to need to find some parts for it starting with the driver's side armrest assembly on the door. I do not have anything other than the grab handle and door handle so I'll need the lock switch and bezel too. I'm also missing the trim under the column and the mirror switch. I'll be adding more to this list as I work on the car.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / 83-86 Turbo Coupe lower bumper
I'm gathering some parts for this project car and I really want a turbo coupe lower front bumper. All of my normal searches have come up empty so I'm hoping someone has one laying around they don't want anymore. I'm not looking for a concours bumper and it can even be a little damaged or ripped.
Body/Appearance/Interior / Interior Quarter Panel question
I guess I have a rare interior in my 86 from a 83-84 Fila or Elan and I would feel bad ripping it apart so I would like to grab the interior from the 87 Turbo Coupe at the local pull a part. Will the 87-88 quarter panels fit my 86 T bird?
User Rides / 1997 Called, they want their car back...... my 1986 T-bird build

Yep, that's me. Summer of 1998 and the start of my senior year. My dad and I bought it in early winter of 97, in the rain, at a body shop. It was red and shiney and had a 5.0. Perfect first car right? I spent just over a year with the car when my parents (who were loaning me money for repairs; ie 7.5 rear end, one 5.0, and one AOD) decided I needed something more reliable and newer that didn't stall at red lights (*^$#*@*&@ CFI!!!!) So I was forced to sell the beauty you see here and bought a 93 Mustang LX. Forced you say, but its a Mustang a fox body Mustang how could I be forced? Two Point Three. The exact amount of liters the 85 hp POS 4 cylinder displaced. Don't let the 8 spark plugs fool you, there is no power there.

After mulling my way through about 14 Mustangs over the years I found myself wanting to go back and build the car that built me. But better, and more awesome, and faster, and something that doesn't stall at red lights, and leaves TWO black marks when you nail it from a stop. I browse Craigslist daily, sometimes hourly looking for deals. I found 2-3 cars that didn't pan out over the last few years which made me want one even more. I posted a WTB ad here and was contacted by My10-80 about a parts car he had. We put the deal together, I got a trailer and a friend with a truck, and now its mine.

Here's the thread where the previous owner to My10-80 was selling it:

And as it sits now in my garage:

As of now I'm trying to decide if the effort of making a SN95 dash work in the car is worth it. I don't have fenders, or a dash frame, or a dash from a Thunderbird but I do have the dash, frame, column, and pedals from a SN95. Here's a mock up of the SN95 frame in the car:

I'm a perfectionist. Its a disease really, not a character trait. If I'm going to do this the right way, the firewall is going to need surgery and I'm going to spend alot of one on one time with a SN95 at the junkyard holding a Sawsall. I have found an 86 in a junkyard about 65 miles from me, but $100 each for fenders and $200 for the dash seems high when I can get the parts for less than half the next time one rolls into the Pull a Part 10 miles from my house.

So thats where I'm at for now. I'll be updating as I go, and maybe within a year or so this will be on the ground and moving under its own power again.
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Weighing options...
I picked up an 86 T-bird project car from My10-80 in November and I've been trying to decide what direction to go. The car does not have a dash or dash harness in it at the moment and all the parts cars in this area have dried up. I have a 96 Mustang dash with harness and a 99+ console in the attic of my garage that I could make work in the Thunderbird. There was another member who did the SN95 dash swap and I've read his thread here and on a Mustang site, and I'm certain I have the skills and equipment to pull it off. My only issue is that this was not the direction I had in my mind when I got the car. I know I want to build a restomod / g machine style car and was planning on making the "Knight Rider" cluster I already have work the best I could.

If it was you guys, what would you do? There is no going back to stock for this car, and the jury is still out on the powerplant.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Need a few parts for now
I picked up a 86 Thunderbird for a project a few weeks back. I'm sure this list will be changing as I build the car but here is what I need for now:

83-86 Turbo Coupe front bumper
85-86 rear bumper molding trim (chrome strip, can be black)
83-86 Window run channels (both doors)
83-86 Drivers door glass, non vent window
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Looking for a 85-86 T-bird within a couple hour drive of Louisville KY
Hey all, I've finally cleared my garage of project cars and I'm ready to start something worth keeping. My first car was a 85 5.0 CFI AOD Thunderbird and I've missed it since I was forced by my parents to sell it. I started another 85 in 2007 but crappy neighbors complained about me working in the driveway so it went to the scrap. I'm looking for something with a title, can be rebuilt as long as it can be registered, not a ton of rust, and as cheap as possible. I would prefer a rolling chassis but non rolling is okay too.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / 85 T-bird 5.0 AOD roller F/S with extra parts
I was going to pickup on my project after my Cobra was done, but I have found a SN95 V6 Mustang that I can not pass up on. My driveway can't hold all these projects so this one must go. Car and all parts are located at my house in Louisville, KY right off an expressway with easy trailer access.

1985 T-bird 5.0 CFI, AOD, 112k miles. The engine and trans are sold to a friend, so the car will be sold as a roller. The friend I sold the engine trans to has a 5.0 HO shortblock that could be purchased pretty cheap. I started to convert the car to SEFI and a floor shifter and I purchased a bunch of parts along the way. It has the usual rust in the lower quarter panels and bottom of the doors, but it has not gone through the panels yet. The car had a broken header panel, broken headlight bezel, and bent fender when I bought it, I replaced them and the headlight bezel with parts from another 85. It has a clear and clean Kentucky title.

Here's the run down on extra parts:
E7 Mustang heads with Trick Flow double springs
HO upper and Lower intakes and throttle body
2 SEFI harnesses, one with the alt and headlight harness
2 ECU's, one HO and one SO
SEFI fuel rails
2 AOD floor shifters and one cable from a T-bird/ Cougar
SEFI throttle cable
Turbo Coupe grill
Full digital V8 gauge cluster
Chuck's shock brackets
Mark 8 electric fan
3G 130 amp alternator
T5Z 5 speed trans
Walbro 190lph fuel pump
All of the CFI wiring, vaccum, and TB/fuel lines minus the air cleaner
All original accessories and brackets

Thats all I can think of right now and I'm sure I'm missing a few things. I'm asking $900 obo, I can take paypal for deposits or the whole amount. PM or email me at with questions. If the package doesn't sell soon, I will start breaking up parts.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / 85 5.0 CFI stuff
I'm going to start pulling the CFI stuff this week for a SEFI swap. I'm going to swap in a Mustang HO 5.0. Anyone need the CFI stuff, wiring, etc? I can ship it if need be. I'm in Louisville, KY.
Electrical Tech / CFI to SEFI ver.238412412873412783
Okay, since I've tried searching with no good results, whats the easiest way to swap out CFI for SEFI? Are there differences between a T-bird and Cougar SEFI harness and a 86-89 Mustang EFI harness? Has anyone used the Ford Motorsport EFI harness? Thanks in advance.
User Rides / Finally found a 85 T-bird
I've been looking for a while and I finally found a 85 T-bird close to me for a good price. I picked this jem up for $350 today. 5.0 CFI, AOD, 130k miles, it will need some body work and a headliner, but nothing I can't get from Pull A Part for pretty cheap. I'm going to swap out the CFI for SEFI from a Mustang, so if anyone knows which ECU harness to use I'd like to know. Anyways, here's the pics: