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Vendor's Section / CUSTOM Indiglo and White Gauges (Available for ALL Configurations)

Pricing:  $50 for a custom design.  This is just for the design.  This means it costs $50 for a custom file be it .pdf, .cdr, .ai or whatever other format you want it in.  I will accept $30 up front and $22 after it's done (I don't need PayPal double charging a split-disbursement.)  You are allowed to freely distribute the design you purchase.  If you buy a design and your friend wants to use it, feel free to let him use it.  I'd appreciate a kickback but it is not required.  If you charge money for your friend to use it, that is not allowed.  If he says thanks by getting you a gift or some beer, that’s a good thing too.

Option 1:  After you pay the $50, I will tell you how to make the gauges yourself.  I have some supplies that I still have from buying in bulk that I will sell you.  I will tell you when to purchase from just one vendor or just get it however you can.  ($50 to me DiY costs $25-$100 depending upon what you already have = $75-$150 TOTAL)
Option 1a:  I can print out the gauges and attach them to indiglo.  It will be your responsibility to trim them, cut out holes, get an inverter and hook it up.  This cost will vary depending upon what I can find the indiglo for ($25-$50) plus shipping (about $10). ($85-$110 TOTAL Shipped)

Option 2:  After you pay the $50, I will tell you the name of someone who can manufacture gauge faces that are two piece, top plastic face and bottom indiglo light.  His charge is about $120 USD (HVAC, trip computer, etc are extra) (He doesn't charge USD.) ($50 to me and $120 to him = $170 TOTAL)

Option 3:  For an extra $150 over the $50 I will have the gauges manufactured for you.  They will be in two layers, the top plastic face that looks professional and the bottom indiglo piece that lights it all up.  HVAC, trip computer, etc are extra and will only cost you what it costs me.  ($50 gauge design + $30 shipping, handling and getting the gauges made + $120 make the gauges = $200 TOTAL)

Pics of top plastic face and bottom indiglo:

Design time over 4 hours: $10/hr (Once I hit 5 hours, you owe $5.  If I take 4:59 on your gauges, you owe nothing.)

I will base all orders off these designs:
[INDENT]95 MPH / 150 kmh
140 MPH / 220 kmh[/INDENT]


Starting Choices:[indent]Speedometer:[indent]MPH (140+15)
MPH (95+5)
km/h (220+20)
km/h (150+10)
Marks Every 1, 2, 5, 10 or 20
Small Speed (so you can have metric and imperial) marks every 5, 10 or 20
  [indent]Redline 5000 RPM
Redline 6200 RPM
Any other Redline
  [/indent]Temp, Fuel, Oil and Charge gauges:[indent]Letters
Combination of the above.
Backlight Color can be any color you wish.
Custom: Didn't I already cover this.  I told you you don't have a choice, I give it to you for free.  Basically about anything you can think of. Want a certain picture in your faces? Want different color "tick" marks at certain places? Want a different font? I can match your aftermarket gauges as well.[/indent]

Shipping: I ship USPS for just gauges and FedEx Ground for entire clusters.  Please tell me BEFORE you pay if you live outside of the Continental United States (CONUS) so I can check shipping.

Please email me at if you would like to make a purchase.  When you email me, please include your Fox T-Bird/Cougar forums username if you have one.  I prefer paypal. Contact me if you want to send me funds in USD.

Don't forget to check out my Seller Rating even though it is not from this site.  My ebay username is pantha37.

I would like to thank Thunder Chicken for telling me about this site.  If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be posting here.

Installation Pictures