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T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / Garage Sale
Howdy! Its been awhile. :)

Doing some early spring cleaning of my garage and I got a few parts hanging around from my various projects in the past. I tried adding the pics directly to the post but they are freaking ginormous so links instead. Sorry. :(

Clear Side Markers - $Sold!
Painted OEM Markers Included.

Clutch Cable Firewall Adjuster - $25 Shipped
I don't remember what brand this is...

Taurus Fan - $60 Shipped
Pre-trimmed and includes a little mounting clip.

More to come.

Paypal only on shipped items.

Lounge / Where in the hell did all the 4-eyed TCs go?
I have been trying to keep an eye on the market, but I haven't seen a running one for sale in months! Even on NATO they are becoming scarce. I did not expect this to happen so soon.

I am starting to regret letting mine go. May have to call up the new owner and see if he is willing to sell it back to me. If I am going to buy a project car, it may as well be my old one. :D

Who's hiding them all?
Lounge / Anyone from (or currently in) Knoxville?
The family and I and thinking about relocating there this summer to be closer to friends and family. Having a summer longer than two months would be nice too. Lower cost-of-living is also playing a big factor. Just looking for feedback about the schools, neighborhoods, and everything in between from people who have lived in the area.

My wife and I both grew up in small towns so leaving the big city behind won't be too hard, although we will miss it. We know it is a college football town, kinda like Ann Arbor, and we are college football fans... just not specifically UT football fans. But I'm sure we will adjust. :D

So is anyone here from Knoxville?
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / Mystery Grab Box - $50!
Getting rid of the rest of my stash and I am not motivated enough to list everything individually to sell. A $50 bill takes it all. Pick-up/Cash only. 

Sampling of parts included
  • Taurus Fan
  • TC Rear Brakes (minus rotors)
  • 5.0 Clutch
  • various minor parts...
  • one uber rare item FTW!

Mystery Box is located in South Lyon, MI. :burnout:

General Computer Forum / Anyone using IE9 (Beta)?
It looks nice... but for me it is completely unstable. It crashes constantly! And I do mean constantly. Sometimes it crashes (with auto-recover) 4-7 times in a row before rendering a webpage, which is usually I only "upgraded" because IE8 became unstable as well. Not sure what the deal is, IE8 is rock solid on my other machines. I need IE for a couple work based apps that I use. Otherwise I would stick with Chrome at home. Currently it is the only program I have issues with.
General Computer Forum / No wired connection - running out of ideas.
Alright. Last week, right before I went on vacation, my ethernet port on my desktop mobo seemed to kick the bucket. I say "seemed" because it seems to be working everywhere else (router lights flash with activity, and shows the correct connection [by color] - gigabit). Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit shows no connection. Looks like there is no cable plugged in at all.
There was an update that night when I shut her down. I tried rolling back the update. No dice. Tried restoring further back. No dice. Ran a diagnostics and Windows says there is a potential driver issue with the network adapter. Drivers are up to date - and say they are working fine? Tried rolling back the drivers. No dice. So I just assumed I needed a NIC.
Ran down to best buy to get one. Instead of grabbing the cheapo Dynex store brand I grabbed the Linksys. Silly me. Forgot how much Cisco hates making 64-bit drivers for their older equipment. After fighting that losing battle for the rest of the day, I called it quits and got ready for my vacation trip.
On my return I waited a couple days to order my high-end gaming NIC from newegg. Before I even received a tracking number, I decided to try out the cheapo Best Buy store brand NIC for curiousity's sake. It installed right away, and still no connection. WTF!?
Trying to rule out a potential virus, I tried swapping HDDs with my HTPC (Win7-64-Home) and couldn't get it to boot up. I am about ready to reformat this thing!!!
But, if I reformat, I want to upgrade to SSD. Financially, I am not ready to make that commitment yet. Credit cards are outside of my comfort zone right now from the trip. Anyone else have any better ideas before I go nuclear?
Lounge / Messing around with the camera phone...
Took some pics of the kitty with an app called FxCamera on my Droid X. The quality could be better, but it is a fun little app with a few different filter settings. I use toy cam the most.

She was done playing before I could change the settings...
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / Other Parts for Sale...
Guess what? More parts for sale!!! Located in South Lyon, MI 48178. I take paypal only ( and prices are OBO.
Scorpion 1.7 Roller Rockers (Shims included) - $125 Shipped SOLD!
NIB TCI Transmission Cooler (P/N#823200) - $35 Shipped
Pair of Manual Seat Tracks - $25 Shipped Each (DS Side, Sold!)
Gray Halo Headrests - $45 Shipped SOLD!
Taurus Fan - $45 Shipped

More to come...
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / Suspension Parts for sale...
Finally throwing in the towel. Everything must go. Prices are OBO and do not include shipping unless indicated. Parts are located in South Lyon, MI (48178). I accept paypal only, unless you're local.
Tokico Struts/Shocks - $50 + Shipping SOLD!

StopFlex SS Rear Brake Lines for 87-88 TC - $75 Shipped - SOLD!
HPM Mega-Bite Jrs (w/ Chuck Mounts) 83-88 Thundercats - $100 Shipped

SN-95 Control Arms - $50 + Shipping

SN-95 Axles (Practically Brand New) - $100 + Shipping (Sold!)
SN-95 (94-95) Master Cylinder w/Adjustable Proportioning Valve - $60 Shipped SOLD!

98 Cobra Vert Rear Springs (no tags) - $50 + Shipping

87-88 TC Rear Brakes $50 + Shipping

More to come...