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Miscellaneous For Sale/Wanted / F/S thunderbird 25th anniverary kit (1996)
Over the years ive collected some neat things i know it isnt fox parts but a few on here also have the mn12 cars if it isn't please feel free to delete this thread and lmk

That being said this stuff is BRAND NEW never used condition the only item that shows wear is the book from being put in a box its cover "cover" has a few light tears as seen.

what comes in it

Thunderbird tribute book
Car cover and carry bag
suede cleaning and care kit complete
and 25th anny front floor mats

It fits the 1996 25th anny thunderbird

$100.00 shipped to the lower 48 states

Vendor's Section / Carburated throttle cable brackets/engine storage plates/race fuel filters
ive started a small fab shop at my house since ive been away and i made a few items you guys can use and figured id offer them up here as maybe you guys can use them also

We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are listed below. Please contact us  by for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.
We offer the following servies
Turbo Kits from mild to wild!
Custom Painting (including light tinting)
General Fabrication (even from your patterns)
Custom exhaust work'
Engine Swaps
Suspension Swaps
Transmission Swaps
Holley Carburetor modification services
We rebuild and service all  Edelbrock and Holley Carb's
Mounting Solutions (brackets,mounts,etc etc)
and much more!!!

My official website is http://WWW.JOEDIRTFABRICATION.COM
my webpage is
and my email is
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / injector harness and H.O ECM
looking to try to change the setup on my mav a little bit needing this stuff cheap as i can get it just in case it doesnt do what i want...

SEFI injector harness (mustang,crown vic,LSC etc)

one side O2 wires and plug for heated sensor as long as i can get them

H.O Speed Density  ECM  (87-88 mustang) (LSC)

will need to be shipped to 37363
Lounge / brought another home
went to a local show this morning with the maverick and brought home a top 20 in the streetmachine class!


User Rides / My 74 Maverick
Before pics Dec 08


Maiden voyage


tailpipes & fresh underbody


new glass& rubbers

apart and together in primer

Taming the dragon :D

Show Photos / pics from summit car show
Only seen one bird and it was a mn12 had about 200 cars show up

My maverick did get picked in the top 30 cars was a 3hr hour ride each way but the trip was pretty smooth with only traffic to fight:D
Engine Tech / 5.0 DOA (ford techs) ENTER
Ok having some issues with my 5.0 maverick the ecm/harness/sensors etc are out of a 1990 E250 ford van ran great yesterday,went to start it today and it wouldnt fire injectors are pulsing,so i swapped distributors and modules still no ignition fire,swapped coil no fire I have 12v at the coil and at the ignition module wires and pulse from the module.only time it will fire is when you cycle the key on to off.

WTf is going on.its always fired on the first hit of the key and now is instantly dead.
Lounge / Figured I would drop in
And see whats going on with you fella's ,I also see theres a bunch of new people too!
Lounge / Thanks E10 gasoline!
For leaving me on the side of the road! damn fuel filter seals were swole up 4-5x and got into my fuel pump and locked it down!
Guess it was just a reminder if what shitty fuel we have now days.....