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Misc Tech / Semi-broken front seats and hood latching issue
Bought a 1988 TBird in incredible condition, but there are some needed repairs.
One is the drivers side seat. The back of the seat is way too far backwards and doesn't seem to be catching the tooth on the seat in the more upward positions. Any ideas.
Also, the hood latch will not lock down hood when closed. I did check the latch and tried to push latch lock down but it isn't releasing the hold down mechanism inside the latch. I'm wondering if it is just a spring problem that may of broke. It will have to come off, no doubt, but wondering if anyone else has come across this problem.
Suspension/Steering / Brake Booster Replacement '85 TB
Ok, I am replacing the brake booster on an '85 TBird V8 and the last top bolt is being a pest. I have  remove the plastic panel under the dash to get access but it is extremely difficult to access through the supports placed up there with a ratchet or getting open end wrench ratchet in there. I haven't pulled the brake pedal off since that also looks to be a little bitch too. The last bolt is loose , but just not enough to grab with fingers, let alone getting a hand in there to even touch it. Any suggestions or mechanic pages available on brake booster removal?
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Drivetrain Tech / '85 AOD Crossmember Bushings Compatibility & Part Location
I have a question concerning a 1985 TBird AOD cross-member bushings compatability. Will the Mustang bushings fit the Thunderbird for the same years? Also, where can these be located to purchase for the 1985 Thunderbird? Thanks. Images below are just examples downloaded from internet for this request.

Drivetrain Tech / Quick question of AOD trany years compatibility
I have a 1985 TBird, with an '88 302 and the AOD transmission with a rodded 5.0 floor shift change as well . The trany slips without smoking and there are no odd smells of burning, fluid is perfect. Trany slips mostly off the stoplight if heavy on throttle up into lower gear. Drinks fluid like crazy when driving and I am pretty sure it probably is worn out after so many years, so I want to replace the trany with another compatible and possibly newer year AOD. Does anyone know what years will be a straight swap and if any of the years were stronger then it's prior?

I also thought of going to a manual transmission , but was unsure if there would be a total drive train replacement for this. Including drive shaft, and or any factory transmission to engine adapter. I realize there would be pedal added and clutch cylinder to firewall but was curious if anyone has done this for good reason.

Other Vehicles / '89 Toyota MR2 & '86 Mitsubishi Minitruck
The MR2 is a ball to drive. Legalized Go-Kart and you must pay attention while driving. One sneeze and you could end up in another lane on the freeway.
The '86 Mitsubishi truck also is a blast to drive. Completely rebuilt and with a Schneider racing cam and more gives it a very hefty lobe sound. I get asked all the time if I am running a V8. They are much surprised to be told it is only a 4 cylinder.
Body/Appearance/Interior / Turbo hood scoop water block
On the turbo Coupe model hoods, what does ford have in place to stop the water from rain or whatever from entering through the scoop holes. A picture would be great, so I could duplicate it onto my hood.
Automotive News & Fuel/Energy debate/discussion / Concept Ford Thunderbird - Is this for real?
I was cruising through the internet and located this little beauty. Is this something that might hit production, or is it a load of hopes and dreams? Personally I love the body shape and would really like to see one on the road sometime. The specs show a lower then I would like in horsepower, but that design of the car is just very cool. Has anyone else found out anything about this yet?

User Rides / Startup & Roll Away - Nice lobe
Well, I thought I would update the status on my project Thunderbird since it has been awhile. I have been working hard during spare time on the car and taken it out a few times as I tune on it. Here is a video of the latest startup out of the driveway in HD.

User Rides / Taking my '85 TBird out for it's first ride
I was a little excited when I got to take my TBird out for the first time in almost 2 years. Too much work to list, but it is going along pretty nicely. Here is a video of the startup and gauge checks. I have some trany adjusting to take care of and I am sure more test drives are sceduled.

Drivetrain Tech / '85 TBird linkage question

'85 carb 302 with AOD.

On the old CFI setup there were 3 existing linkages, One was the AOD kickdown rod, the next was the throttle cable and riding on the throttle cable is what looks like it is a cruise control cable? I am not locating any info on this piggy back cable on the throttle cable. It looks to be running to the driver side fender and possibly into the passenger compartment.
Is there any step directions to setup for this 3rd linkage, if it is a cruise control cabling. it's been hard enough locating instructions for the kickdown rod adjustment, but I think I may have that figured out maybe.

I also wanted to ask concerning trany pressures on the AOD setup. From what I have gathered, I need to warm the car up, put in in neutral and have my pressure gauge installed...which I do.

and to adjust the rod to where I have 5psi or less at idle. Closer to "0", the better. After adjusting, the pressure should come up to 35psi immediately with a hit on the throttle. I heard that it should also climb up to about 80psi when pushing throttle down harder. Then when it returns to idle, it should again be less then 5psi. I'm sure there will be minor adjusting when at this point on.
It is so hard to locate any info on the rod version for the AOD, though it seems that it is the easier route to take when adjustment is concerned.  Correct me if I am wrong on anything I mentioned.
Engine Tech / Neutral Safety Switch Help
I wasn't sure if this was drive line electrical material or engine, so I chose engine for the thread post.

I am at the point of completing a Column to console shift change on a 1985 302 TBird AOD.
Now, from what I have read concerning this change, the engine will not start if the column shift shaft (if still installed) is not in the Neutral position.
The info I understand for this shift change mod states that when removing the column shift handle, place it into Neutral first, then remove the handle from the column. It also added that if the gear selector shift shaft (shaft going through the firewall) remained in the car, that the column selector needs to be in Neutral.
So, if I am correct the neutral safety switch is in the steering column and even though it is no longer being used, it still stops the car from starting unless in Neutral.
I asked because I am not getting an engine turn over when turning key to start with the old column shift shaft and gear selector handle still in the car. I plan on removing these items next, but I wanted to run the engine for a bit to make some adjustments with new console shifter, cable, and carb, and a couple other things.
Also, after removing the old column shift shaft and shifter handle, do I need to solder the neutral safety and reverse light switch wires in a loop to close these 2 circuits so that they will work with the new console shifter?

T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / Chrome Radiator Upper Brackets - Large Size
I found these chrome brackets on ebay for a pretty good price if anyone interested.

The listing is for $19.95 shipped

I have been in contact with the seller and informed them that they fit the '85 TBird perfectly, so he may update the ad to include TBird, Cougars, and V8's.
His ad presently only showed that they fit 79-93 Mustang 4 cylinder, but he now knows they fit a wider set of Ford vehicles.

I am not sure how long they will be available, so if your interested it might be a good idea to grab them now.
Show Photos / Got my 302 started, finally.
Well, the project 1985 Ford Thunderbird w/302 has a running engine now. Though it is running, I still have a while to go on the car. The engine also needs to be tuned and tweaked much more, but I wanted to update the status on the build. Be sure to use HD settings, Enjoy.  :cool:<br />

Restoration Build for 1985 Thunderbird.
 Remove Engine & All Smog, Install 1988 302 V8
 All New Seals & Hoses
 Ford Racing Roller HO E303 1.6 Cam 1,3,7,2,6,5,4,8
 Ford Racing Hydraulic lifters, Rockers & Push Rods
 Comp Cams Magnum Double Roller Timing Gear Set
 Edelbrock 1406 600cfm 4bbl carb
 Edelbrock 2121K Performer Intake & kit
 Edelbrock Top Flow Air Cleaner
 MSD Digital 6A Multispark Ignition
 MSD 8282 Blaster ll Coil
 Chrome Valve Covers/T-handles
 Chrome Shorty Style Hugger Headers
 Duel Stainless Pypes Mufflers & Chrome Tips
 Aluminiumized Duel Exhaust "X" Pipe
 Duralast Modified Duraspark Wide Cap Distributor w/Machined Gear
 Ford Distributor Rubber Cover Protector
 March Performance Serpentine Underdrive Engine Pulley Kit w/Oversized Alt Pulley.
 FelPro Full Gasket Kit w/One piece Blue Oil Pan Metal Inlaid Rubber Gasket
 B&M AOD Shift Improver / Street Set Installation
 Wix Trany Filter
 Wix Fuel Filter
 Ported heads - exhaust and gasket matched head to header
 Trick Flow Double Valve Spring Complete Set
 Remove and Relap Exhaust & Intake Valves, New guide seals
 Repaint engine bay to black
 Holley Fuel Pressure regulator
 Goody's Fuel Regulator Pressure Gauge
 Turbo Coupe Naca Hood Scoops
 New Aluminum Heater Core
 Remove Fuel Tank, Flush, Paint, Replace Sock Filter, Check Pump
 Replaced Dash Speedo Display & Repaired the transmission gear indication.
 Starter & Solenoid

Interior Completed
 Wink 5 panel rear view mirror
 Replace, Dye to Black
 New stereo in dash
 New Cougar 3rd Tail Light
 Dash Cover
 New Windshield
 Replace headliner
 Rebuilt both window regulator motors & door lock motors, lubed mechanism.
 Redo upholstery under back window
 Install 3 gauge pillar
 Install 8 New Gauges & Sensors
*Sun Tachometer w/rev light Gauge
*Voltmeter Gauge
*Engine Temperature Gauge
*Oil pressure Gauge
*Trany Pressure Gauge
*Trany Temp Gauge
*Vacuum Gauge
*Goody's Fuel Regulator Pressure Gauge 

 Replace Column Shifter to Console Shifter - have parts
 Carb Throttle Linkage
 Kick down rod for AOD - non cable
 New Paint - Car
 Lowering Kit
 Tint Windows
 New Hi-Back Buckets w/belts
 AC Recharge
 Hood shocks
Drivetrain Tech / This Shifter should fit an '85 TBIRD AOD?

Our column shifter is so rigidy and displays sometimes in between the letters on the display. We have a full console and it deserves a console shifter.
I want to get the entire thing so I don't get nickeled and dimed after buying one. This one looks complete on ebay.

The display plate is correct as well.