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Suspension/Steering / parking brake cable removal
Alright, so I got my brackets and cables in. Now I'm having trouble getting the front cable removed. What do I need to remove to get to that cable where it connects to the pedal?
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / Free
HO upper intake with egr and throttlebody
3.73 7.5" ring and pinion ford oem
almost full interior and hvac from a cinnabar 88 cougar
new heater core and blower motor
replacement tail pipes for dual exhaust

Will Update as a find other stuff people might want

Pickup only located in Camdenton, MO
Suspension/Steering / sn95 spring swap question
Well I picked up a 90k mile 94 gt with a spun bearing for dirt cheap. Sadly the car is clean and I feel bad about what I'm doing to it, but I need the parts for I can finally put my bird back together. Now the question is what spacer do you recommend for the rear springs and do you guys think that camber bolts will get the camber good enough with sn95 springs. Also if you need sn95 body parts, cowl hood, long tubes or strut tower brace and are in Mid MO hit me up.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / 8.8 with trac lok
Well I went to change axle bearings on my T-Bird and I poured out the nicest shiniest gear lube. Cross pin bolt has sheared, the cross pin is so worn that its stuck in the rear end and the gears looks like someone spent a few days polishing them down. So I'm gonna save for a overhaul, but in the meantime does anyone have an 8.8 in good shape that they're willing to let go for a good price? I'm located in Camdenton, MO. Thanks, guys
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / 4 barrel intake
Anyone have one laying around? Willing to trade parts? I've got turbocoupe rear calipers, 93 cobra MC, Mark VII calipers and a bunch of other stuff laying around. PM if you have one and would like to work something out.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / Some stuff im pulling off my cougar
As I'm deciding the direction my cougar is going in I am no longer in need of some the parts on it. So I have decided to put up some parts for sale to try and fund my work on it. Also listing parts that I have no use for.

83-86 header panel

83-86 rear bumper cover

stock fox maf

88 Cougar Headliner - shoot me an offer, but pickup only

HO upper intake, throttle body and egr spacer with blockoff - 50 + shipping

HO Throttle body and spacer - 20 + shipping