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Misc Tech / Door latch & hinge interchange?
Do the 83-86 door latch's interchange with any other vehicle?  Will mustang hinges work?  Will the latch work if I use the rods from my t-bird?  Any one have to change there's out and use one from a different vehicle?
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Help please! WTB: 83 - 86 Drivers Side Door Latch & Hinges.
In need of a door latch and hinges for an 83-86.  Does not need to be power door lock.  I'm having to climb through the window or passenger side.  This is my daily driver please help.  Willing to pay a premium for these parts since none are in the yards around me.  Also I will consider a whole door if you have one.  Thanks for looking at my post.

T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / FS: 84 T-bird 302 in Ohio.
-Runs and Drives asking $2000 firm. Title list "Odometer Warning miles unknown" Lots of good parts like the Chipped A9L, Calibrated Mass Air.  24# injectors, etc.

84 TurboCoupe with 302 .010 over - 9.8 : 1 Forged Pistons - Edlebrock Goodies:  Aluminum Heads #6037, Intake #3821, 65mm TBI/EGR #3824/3827, Camshaft #3722 -  Interactive System & Technologies Mass Air with 24# Injectors - A9L - 3g Alternator - BBK shorties, Cat Converter H-pipe, Magniflow Mufflers - World Class T5 1352-169 (1986, V8, WC, 3.15 3.35 1.93 1.29 1.00 0.68) OEM Clutch Cable - 7.5 OPEN with 3.08 and slapper bars from 82 Mustang.

-Also has 11 inch brakes up front with new struts and MM CC plates.  (Powdercoat is tore up on plates and riser spacers are welded into place.)
-Replaced Springs front and back with new rubbers.
-Shocks and Struts have been replaced.
-Car comes with an autozone warranty file for things like brakes, calipers, struts, shocks.

The bad stuff: 
-84 Block which means it's a roller cam in a non roller block.
-Surface Rust on car.  Only hole in the car is passenger floorboard about the size of a half dollar.
-Front window glass leaks (I have the ribbon seal but haven't replaced it)
-Passenger side window regulator is broken and needs replaced. 
-Dew wipes are basically non existant.
-No Dash. I have the rest of the plastic for the car except center console.
-Cigg burns on the seats.  Also car comes with original TC seats front and back but they have burns and tears too.
-Headliner is there but needs recovered.
-Carpet needs replaced. 

Imjur link:

T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / WTB: Lookin for 83 - 86 doors in ohio.
I need doors for an 83 - 86 T-bird.  I do not know if 87, 88 will fit but I'm not worried about them having body moulding on them or anything.

Let me know if you have a parts car around columbus that I could take a look at.  I'm willing to do the labor to pull them off.  Thanks.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / WTB near Cbus OH. --- 7.5 or 8.8 rear with airplane gears... or 7.5 carrier assy.
WTB near Columbus, OH.  8.8 or 7.5 rear end.  The whole thing would be nice so I don't have to do backlash and shimmy.  Four lug would be best so I can keep the snowflake wheels.  I'm willing to consider 5 lug if price and location is within reach.  I would like to find 3.08 -to- 3.55 gears to keep highway RPM's low for highway 70MPH roads. 

If you have a carrier assembly for a 7.5 for sale I could use that in the mean time to get the car back on the road. Prefer limited slip but that's okay if it's not. 

Reason is passenger side, outer wheel bearing went.  A piece ended up traveling through the housing into the spider gear and put me on park.  Car is a daily driver and I am experiencing downtime.  Thank you for reading.
Suspension/Steering / Help Please. 11 inch brake upgrade gone bad.
I went by the coolcats webpage and did the 11 inch brake upgrade.  Donor parts were from 88-93 Mustang GT, 5.0. 

Swapped spindles, rotors, calipers, hoses, bearings.  Springs and Struts are not new.

The struts required washers to space correctly where it attached to the spindle.  But the real problem is the alignment.  I have an appointment to get it aligned tomorrow but I'm afraid they will just laugh and send me back home.  Any help with how I can correct the strut alignment would be great.  What would happen if I drilled out the rivet on the alignment plate on the strut mount and moved it to a different notch?  Here is a pic of the alignment of the wheel the verticle is the issue. 

if i need CC plates will these mustang ones work?

General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Child Seat Question...
I have the need to install a child seat.  He is 4 years old and to big for a harness.  I can use a booster seat upfront to comply with the law because it has a shoulder belt.  The rear seats in my 84 bird do not have shoulder belts and I can not find a car seat that uses a harness above 40 pounds. 

Does the 86+ birds have shoulder belts for the backseat?
LEADS on T-Bird/Cougar Stuff For Sale / CL ad: 86 T-bird, 5.0 - T5 - $5k C-bus Ohio

1986 thunderbird 77k original miles, very nice southern car, 5.0, TFS heads and roller rockers, ford racing E cam, explorer intake,70mm throttle body,shorty headers, 2 1/2 off road pipe and cat back, under drive pulleys, t-5 5 speed , 3.73 8.8 rear, mustang gt front and rear sway bars,cobra r replica 17x8 wheels with nitto 275 40 17 drag radials on rear, 245-45 front tires. this car runs and drives good, never seen Ohio winter car is from Georgia. very nice grey interior. $5000OBO car is in columbus ohio
Misc Tech / A/C pressure switch question.
Okay i'm still trying to get A/C in my car.  I bought a new dryer however it doesn't have a pressure switch like the original unit had.  If i bypass this feature will the compressor still operate normally?  I realize the risk of ruining the compressor if the lines were empty but I plan on verifying that the system isn't leaking before continuous use.  Any input would be great.  Thanks.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Parts wanted to Ohio. Center console shifter cover and front bumper for an 84, etc.
Need a shifter cover that is like this one
Credit to daminc for the pic.  I don't need the boot just the plastic that goes around a leather shifter.  It would be for an 84 t-bird but i am not going to get specific on the grain.  I will take whatever grain years they made this style shifter cover.

Also I need a front bumper.  The top left picture on this board is of an 85-86 T-bird.  That is the one I need.  It does not have to have the fog light holes it can be a standard model front bumper.  It needs to be pretty damn good condition on the molding.  Also if anyone has body molding for this car I would be interested in talking a shipped price to 43147.  C-bus Ohio. 

Also if you have a really nice front T-bird Grill that can be painted black I would be willing to buy that shipped.  If you have all this stuff in Ohio/Indiana/West by god virginia, a road trip could be arranged.  I am always open to enthusiast. 

AC lines needed also.  84-86 motor. I think i need this...? I picked up a condensor and lines now i just need accumlator and lines.

Edit: Also poly bushings all the way around the main unibody center.  Not the rear connections just suspension. 

Super Edit: Also need a cruise control unit for an 86 throttle body (see pics).

Thanks for reading this.