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General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / TC tps
Where can I get one the parts stores do not carry them. are they really different than any of the other fords ?

Seems to be the same as a 5.0 one
Engine Tech / 2.3 cam options
My cam plate came loose and the cam walked grooving the cam and followers

What are the most popular swaps other than a ranger cam ?
Miscellaneous For Sale/Wanted / Any pinto owners ?
I just recently acquired a NOS ford Motorsport chrome diff cover not knowing what it was for

When I got it I realized it a 6.75 cover

Anyone know what it might be worth ..... I can not find another one any where and do not really want to join a pinto forum lol
Suspension/Steering / Turbo coupe spring hight
Fox bird springs might be all the same hight I'm sure TC ones have different rates but I'm looking for the hight of the stock springs I want to compare them to some lowering springs I have laying  around