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User Rides / Finally found my keeper!
Just today picked up this one owner, always garage kept, 30,000 mile 88 Turbo Coupe. Only downsides are that it is an automatic car, which I really don't mind, and the paint has a few minor flaws. Otherwise this car is immaculate. I have always been looking for one to keep and I think I found it.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / Parting out 1987 Sport 5.0 automatic. 73,000 mile car
Well, the time has come to part out this car, as much as I hate to see it come to that. Tried for two months to get $1650 for it with no takers and I can't keep the car. It has to go. 73,000 mile car. 5.0. Automatic. Great interior. Body panels are rust free with the exception of some minor surface rust on some places. Let me know if you have any interest in parts. This car does have a crack free dash!

T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / 1987 Thunderbrid Sport for sale. Great project car. $2000 or best offer.
So, I have decided to see if there might be any interest in this car before I decide to  part it out. This would be a great project car. Virtually rust free and the interior is the best that I have seen in one of these with the complete original still in tact. 73,000 miles. Sat for about 14 years. I got it running after installing a new fuel pump, fuel filter and battery. Idles rough. (That is why it sat in the first place). Code says it is the EGR Valve. I have not tried to fix that. Apparently had a new Jasper AOD trans installed at some point. There is warranty info in the glove box. Has a few small dents, the worst of which is on the right rear roof B pillar, I think most of the dents are  from tree branches. Would need paint, tires, and a right front brake line. jThat is all that I am aware of that is mechanically wrong at this point.
Here is the link to my craigslist ad. The car is in Manassas, VA.
More pics on the ad.
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Brought home an LX parts car today, or did I?
I brought home this 87 5.0 LX today with the original intent of parting it out, but after washing the 14 years of tree sap off of it, I'm not so sure. It was running when parked but had some type of miss going on. Previous owner thought it was likely vacuum related. Probably hasn't been started for 6 or 8 years. It has a few small dents hear and there, probably from limbs falling on it. Although it has just the base grey cloth interior, it  is in the best original condition of any that I have seen. With just a little minor cleaning it would be nearly perfect. Virtually no rust in the car that I have seen with a quick look over. It had been owned since 1987 by the guys father in law who kept it under a carport in WV. All the pics I took while the car was wet. Not sure what I want to do with it now. Gotta get it running first to see what's going on there.
User Rides / New to me 87 TC
I've been without a keeper bird for a while, but I brought home another this past weekend. It's an 87 TC. Has about 176k on the rust free body. The front end damage is obvious. The paint has the obvious clear coat failure on top. The motor has far fewer miles and I have all the parts in the same color to fix the damage, including the tail light lenses. It came with an extra one. It also came with a literal pick up bed full of other parts, most of which I haven't even had the time to inspect to see all the goodies, but it does include an extra motor, rear,  and T5 trans, all out of another TC. I bought from a local gentleman whom I had sold quite a few parts to over the years, some of which I got back in the deal. He was so kind that he called me before trying to even list it. He has owned the car since 2000 but lost interest in it after the accident and the fact that he bought himself a brand new white Ecoboost Mustang that only had 176 miles on it when I sat in the car. This car has quite a few mods that I am still not quite sure of the extent. I need to talk to him some more about them later. I was in the middle of a flu bought when I picked the car up Saturday. I know it has a full 3 in. exhaust, manual boost controller, 60 mm throttle body, custom roller cam, some porting on the intakes, but not sure of the rest. I drove it last weekend for about 30 minutes with the boost cranked all the way back and it ran great even with minimal boost. Haven't even tried to crank up the boost yet, but pretty excited to explore that, but not gonna go any higher than about 18-20. Interior is the standard raven cloth and it's all there and in good shape with the usual fade to blue on the darker parts. All in all, I am very pleased with it. It won't take much to get it looking really good. Even has new tires!
User Rides / Newly restored 87 TC of a friend of mine
Check out this recent totally restored 87 Turbo Coupe. For all intents and purposes this is a new car inside and out. It belongs to a friend that I sold a few parts to while he was doing the restore. Every nut and bolt came off of this car in the process. It is not totally original, with just some subtle updates to make it more user friendly. It looks just as good under the hood and inside as it does on the outside. Best looking bird I have personally ever seen! And, he let me take it for a spin. What fun!!!

T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / Selling my latest 88 Turbo Coupe
I have decided to sell my latest 88 TC. I bought the car as a project in October, and just brought another home today and that makes 3 projects and I just don't have the room or time for all three. This silver car has 89,000 miles, 5 speed, leather interior, A/C blows cold, keyless entry, premium sound, both front power seats. The wheels are the best set of snowflakes that I have seen. One small nick is the only roadrash on them. The motor runs well. This is a rust free car other than some minor surface rust in places. This car will be a great project for someone other than me. The foundation is here to have a really great car, with not a tremendous amount of effort.
Paint. The hood, top, and deck lid are in need of paint work.
The clutch is slipping. I have driven it very little, and it has been sitting for 4 years. It may just need some drive time to settle the surface of the clutch. I don't know.
The drivers seat bottom upholstery could use some repair on the vinyl parts.
The rear bumper cover is cracked, but I have a silver one in great shape to replace it.
It has an aftermarket radio, but I have a stock one to replace it if so desired.
Drivers door lock switch plate not working. The power door lock does work.
Cracked dash pad like most others.
One map pocket is missing. The other has the usual cracks in the liner.
Console lid latch is broken.
I am willing to sell for $2500.
I have many more photos I can share.
User Rides / New to me 88 TC!
Just brought home a new to me 88 TC. 89,000 mile car. Not currently running. P.O. said it needs a fuel pump. No rust. Needs paint on the trunk and top but otherwise mostly very good shape. 5 speed car. Best set of snowflakes I've seen. I haven't even put a battery in it yet. Gonna add that and the fuel pump and see what I got! It's gonna make a great driver, I think!