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Misc Tech / A/C Question
I've been DD'ing my bird for the past few days, and it may be a while before I drive anything else. So my question is concerning the air conditioning. It doesn't blow out hard at all, but it cold (new compressor/accumulator within past two years). I believe the blower motor is good, as when I change speeds, the system responds by blowing slightly harder and making more noise. I also got under the passenger side of the dash and fiddled with the controls and it looked like the blower would respond. I'm assuming something is clogged (possibly cabin fiter...?) But would like some guidance as to where to start. I don't have the repair manual with me, otherwise I wouldn't be asking.

Any advice would be appreciated. Btw, this is an '88 3.8 car.
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Roush Turbo Coupe...?
I was driving through Brooksville today along sume rural road and I spotted a body shop with 2 Maroon TC's. One had a body kit that really didn't look like the MCK plastics one, so I stopped. I talked the gentleman who owned the body shop and he said that the TC with the body kit was a "Roush Turbo Coupe" and that it wasn't for sale, but the other TC was. At first I didn't want to believe him, but upon closer inspection it sure seemed real. It had Roush Emblems on the dash and in some other areas. The body kit sure didn't look like the MCK one. Everything else was stock, and to top it was an automatic, which made me even more suspicious.

So I contacted the guy who owned the other TC and while we were talking I told him that I'd never seen a Roush TC before, and he says " I've got the article from Mustang Monthly about it. Jack Roush has two of them sitting in his museum."

I've never heard ANY mention of a Roush TC in my entire life until today. I asked the guy if he could scan and email me the article, so when he does, I'll post it for all of you to see.
Engine Tech / 3.8 Bird issues
For starters, its a bird with a 3.8 liter...but it's a firebird. Go ahead, flame me now...

Okay, so my brother was driving his '01 Champagne Firebird (black leather, Ttops, mock Trans am rims-gorgeous car) to an Arby's, and he drove it about 10mph through a massive puddle. He claims he made a wake with it, drove through the puddle and proceeded into Arby's. After finishing his meal, he came outside, attempted to start the car, and it wouldn't turn over.

Everybody's telling him his spark plugs are just "wet" and need to dry out...