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Site Suggestions / IE 11 Locked Out?
So Internet Explorer 11 will no longer open the site? I guess the update rendered us old school fucks obsolete.
Electrical Tech / Fuel Pump Relay - Help!
88 XR-7 5.0. Engine cranks but no start. Do not hear fuel pump relay or fuel pump "prime" when key turned to on.
Ground the tan wire at self-test connector with key on, no relay, no pump. Thinking fuel pump relay, right?
At the fuel pump relay connector in trunk, jump yellow (hot at all times) with the pink (to the pump).
Pump runs, car starts. Still thinking relay. Replaced relay, no change. Checked red wire (voltage with key on) to the relay, nothing.
Checked inertia switch, not tripped. Unplugged inertia switch, has continuity across terminals. Shake switch, button pops, switch opens.
Jumper inertia switch wires (pink w/ black stripe), no effect. So now I'm looking at the red wire going to the fuel pump relay.
With relay plugged in, jumper from yellow to thin red with key on, relay clicks, pump runs, car starts.
Now what? Ignition switch maybe?
Vendor/Seller Feedback / A+++ for 87LoadedIrocz
Parts arrived super-fast (2 days), nicely packed, with a little extra thrown in unexpectedly!
Have had great experience dealing with Ed previously, and wouldn't hesitate to do so again.
Screwed up title.....Loaded87Iroc
Engine Tech / New Exhaust for the XR-7
Finally got the exhaust done on this car.  OEM 5.0 shortys, Magnaflow 2 1/4" Catalytic H-Pipe, Magnaflow Mufflers, 2 1/4" Tailpipes w/ turndowns.  Has a deep sound, I hope it's not too much, I'll drive it awhile and see.  Installed by "Kasper's Korner" in Blackwood, NJ.  Anybody in South Jersey looking for a place to do custom exhaust work, they were very accomodating as to what I wanted to do, and had no problem installing the parts (H-pipe and Headers) I brought in.
Electrical Tech / Graphic Equalizer
Has anyone come up with an internal mod to jump the power switch on the Eq that won't stay on?  I've got the flat-blade fuse gimmick shoved in the front now but it looks like crap.