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Body/Appearance/Interior / 1984 Radiator Support
Hey guys,

Finally getting started on the 1984 bird collecting dust in my garage.

I believe the car was towed at one point using the radiator support and its chewed up / bent in the middle.  Do you know if a bolt/weld in aftermarket radiator support for a same year mustang is the same dimensions?

Thanks in advance!
Drivetrain Tech / Clutch & Clutch Fork Question
Hello All,

Been away for awhile, glad to be back.  Here is the setup I tried to use 86' 2.3L TC block, 86' TC manual bell housing, and 88 TC manual 5 speed transmission.

The issue I had was by the time the throw out bearing was contacting the clutch fingers there was barely any travel left.  There seems to be a lot of "slop" or dead space in the movement of the clutch fork.  I'm worried that I will not have enough movement to properly disengage the clutch.

Do you have any ideas?  I cant imagine that using the 5 speed trans from the newer car would make a difference.  The 86' and older were borg warner and the 87' and 88's were world class trans?  Correct me if I'm wrong.

If I'm making an obvious mistake using incompatible parts please let me know.


Drivetrain Tech / Limited slip rear end question
The rear in my car is starting to only spin one tire.  My question to you guys would be is this something I could remedy myself?  Is there a better alternative for the 8.8 rear end then going with the stock limited slip?  Kinda sad when you hit it and only leave one mark.  The mileage on the rear end is about 125k miles.  I have a rear end from an 88 TC I could swap in that I know the limited slip is still working in but I would rather not rob that for parts and risk not putting it back together correctly.
Electrical Tech / Can you help me get my hands on some diagrams??
Im in the final stages of the 4 eye swap on my 87 turbo coupe.  The last thing I need to do is mate the 86 wiring from the lights to the 87 harness in the car.  I have the battery and battery tray out and found the connector for the harness.  It looks like they switched the male and female connectors around over the years.  I was wondering if someone could find me a diagram for the headlamps for an 86 and an 87 so I can be sure everything is wired correctly?  Appreciate it!
Vendor/Seller Feedback / 88turbo A+ exceptional seller
Delt with Graham over the last few weeks to get a part.  He went above and beyond my expectations of a seller.  He bought wrap to wrap the part, got the label printed for me, and went out of his way to deliver to the ups store so it would arrive here quicker.  He trusted me and shipped the part before I had my new paypal set up so I could pay him.  I couldnt be more happy.  Thanks Graham!
Lounge / 88 87 tc on tv
They are wrenching on a tc on velocity if anyones bored
Lounge / Best way to ship a fairly large item?
Hello all,

Im trying to buy an front bumper reinforcement from another member here on the board.  Its for an 83-86 so its metal and relatively heavy.  I dont want to pay an arm and a leg to ship this thing but I really need the part and would like to start working on the car again in the spring.  I have looked into a few methods but Im not sure if the seller has the means to get it to a store to ship it.  Are there companies that will pick items up from residental address?  We may be at a road block here, but maybe someone with more knowlege has a few idea.

Thanks for the help guys,

Body/Appearance/Interior / Front bumper reinforcement ???
Does anyone know if any other cars used the same front bumper reinforcement as a 83-86 thunderbird/cougar?  I have been searching for some time now and have come up empty handed.  I never thought this part would be the hard one to find.  :toilet:

Thanks guys.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / 4 eye front bumper with turning lamps
I need the inner metal front bumper.  I understand its probably not cost effective to try and ship one up here to wisconsin.  If anyone in the area has one let me know what you would need for it, or maybe I have something to trade.  I live in the Milwaukee area.  No birds in the yards around here.  Thanks for any help.
Body/Appearance/Interior / Help removing power seat. Need ideas!
So Im parting the 86 out to finish our 84 and need the seats.  Passenger is manual and came out without a problem.  The driver side is power and there is no way ill get on the back 2 nuts without moving the seat forward.  Problem is there is no way to hook a battery back up to it and move it as alomst all of the dash/engine bay wiring has been removed.  I was wondering if there was a way to probe the wires on the seat harness to get the seat to move, and if there is which wires need neg/pos hook up.  Any help much appreciated, I really need this seat!

Thanks much guys!
Body/Appearance/Interior / Matching paint in aerosal cans
Is there a place you can order exact matching paint for our cars.  I have a few areas i have sanded down to fix some surface rust and would like something close enough that it doesnt stick out too bad until i can strip and paint the whole car.  Thanks for any input guys!
User Rides / my 87
finally put a picture of my car on photobucket and figured i would share.  my black 86's motor and trans is put back in but didnt fire it up before putting it away for winter again.  well anyways here it is.  Let me know if you have any questions.