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Body/Appearance/Interior / hot to take out engine harness
Hi guys 
i was wondering if you could give me some tips on removing an engine harness from a 1988 5.0 cougar
i will need to take the dash off im pretty sure but i dont know the strategical bolts to remove. do i have to drop the column?
then snake out the computer connector out the firewall.
also, can i access the hego connectors from up top in the engine bay or i have to go under the car, im asking because its all muddy at the yard. any input will be greatly appreciated

Lounge / new job
Hi guys 

Today ive got very good news for me and i wanted to share it with you all

I got a new job  as a Ford technician  i am very happy and the place looks really nice and they even are a Svt dealer  on top of that.
tomorrow will be my first day if all goes well with my current job.

its a pleasure for my to share this with you guys  this is really a dream come true for me
Suspension/Steering / Hub and bearing assembly lubing
Hi all
recently i hit the curb wit my corolla and it bent the rim and i now have to change the bearing assembly. i bought the original part from toyota and i was wondering if i have to add grease to it (i have the feeling i have to )it is already lubed like you can see in the pics tough. The parts guy at the dealership asked a technician if it has to be lubed more or not  and he said to not lube it more but im in doubt.
i am also in doubt with the kind of grease that is already on it. is it synthetic grease or not. i have the feeling its cant be that good to add synthetic grease to mineral grease and vice versa. Sorry if that sounds like a newbie question but i would rather ask to you guys because alot of you guys seem to have several years of experience with cars, than to do it wrong and to shorten the bearings life because i did not do the job like it supposed to be

these are the pics of the new rear hub and bearing assembly that was shipped this way from toyota with some white transparent grease

thanx alot
Body/Appearance/Interior / window weatherstrip
hi guys i would like to know whats the difference between thewindow channel felt run and the door glass window run  they have diffenrent part numbers and im having trouble indetifying which is which    btw i have vent windows

thanx alot guys
Body/Appearance/Interior / Turn signal lever demistifying
Ok guys ive been wanting to get me a new turn signal lever as mine has pretty faded letters on it

the thing is i cant seem to find one

my car is an 86 Élan Bird with the square lever style
the only ones i seem to find have a horn sign on them

ive dug though cardomain to see what cars had wich style of levers square or round and it seems to be a free for all , like cars of the same year having eighter style lever

so does anyone know from which year they had the square type to when they switched to the round style
for those who have the square style does the lever has a horn sign on it?

i know there was square levers with the cruise control on them  like in the ranger  but i doubt the horn could have been activated by the lever itself

any input will be appreciated

Suspension/Steering / mach 1 /bullit thread finding
im sorry to bother  yall but could anyone help me find the bullit/mach 1 springs thead

ive searched and seached but didnt find it

any help would be apreciated
thanx to all
Body/Appearance/Interior / mirror switch
Hey guys just a little question
are the arrows on the mirrow switch sussposed to be cream like in color instead of white???
what color did they come in?
are they supposed to be white but they all become cream?
mine are cream and its been 2 nos on ebay that i see in cream color
even tho the L & R is always white

thanx guys
Suspension/Steering / Che feedback
HI guys
well as christmas is getting close my girlfriend asked me what i want (how sweet of her) and i think i will have to go with a set of upper/lower control arms from che
i have dug up the ol thread in the sticky section and its been more or so 5 years that many members here got their set

so im asking for some feedback
what do you guys think about them
still like em after 5 years
any regrets?

i was thinking of going with adjustable lowers
but i was wondering if adjustable uppers are a must or whats their advantages over regular uppers
also, what is the difference between the poly bushing uppers and the rod ones

thank alot to everyone!
Misc Tech / lock cylinder
are the lock cylinders from 86 and 87 interchangeable??

the part number  for the full lock set with keys for 86 is E6SZ-6322050-B    and 87 is E7SZ-6322050-H

thanx guys
Audio & Other Aftermarket Electronics / 93 cobra cd player radio
hi everyone 
i would like to know if this radio can fit in a 86 t bird
got the premium sound  no equalizer automatic antenna
are the back plugs the same as the cassette player
and is it a nice fit  speaking of the dimensions of that radio

thanx everyone

i just ran into a couple of them on ebay and it got my heart pounding  lol  i love the stock look of that radio plus the benefits of a cd player

heres a link

its brand new!