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Miscellaneous For Sale/Wanted / 30th Anniversary Cougar Wheels - Free - Wilmington, DE
Clearing out some things.

Wasn't able to post on the TCCOA board, so if you know anyone on that forum that may be interested please let them know.

Set of 4 30th Anniversary Cougar wheels, for for pickup to good home - located in Wilmington, DE 19803. Nice condition, some clear coat problems. I did have 3 center caps for them, but I can't seem to locate them. If I find them I'll throw them in as well.

T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / A Few Trim Pieces for Sale
I've neglected the poor Cougar for way too many years now, and it's time to start a Cougar fund and make some room:

1. Clear GTS headlight covers for 83-86 Thunderbird. Taken out of package for pics only, no idea if the 3M mounting adhesive still good. $75 + shipping.
2. Marchal fog light covers (2). Worn & faded but intact. $30 + shipping
3. Turbo coupe door panel pull strap covers (4). Chrome trim no longer there but intact. $20 + shipping - SOLD SOLD SOLD
4. Turbine "Ford" center caps (4). Some fading / scuffs and one "retainer" ring broken (see pics). $20 + shipping
5. 10-hold Cougar center caps (4). Couple dings here and there. $10 + shipping - SOLD SOLD SOLD
6. Turbo Coupe strut tower covers (2). $15 + shipping
7. Turbo Couple-style door panel map pockets (2). Need cleaning. $10 + shipping - SOLD SOLD SOLD
8. "Checkerboard" style radio trim piece. Some superficial damage and screws holes broken (see pics). $10 + shipping
9. Passenger side door mirror. Poor paint. $5 + shipping - SOLD SOLD SOLD
10. Trim piece below the steering column. Free + shipping

All prices OBO and all parts located in Salisbury, MD. Any questions just ask. Thanks!

Events & Shows / I'm here!
I've arrived in Ohio for Cat Jam 2013! Last weekend in July, right?? Where is everyone????

Nah, just kidding, I've moved to Ohio permanently. Let the fun begin! :hick:
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / Free wheels
Wanted to see if anyone wanted these wheels before I tossed them. Trust me, they are not worth it to ship. I got these from a fox mustang guy, who swore they fit. He had them redrilled to the proper bolt pattern, but I can't vouch for their fitment nor integrity. Terrible refinishing job, looks like a 5 year old took a paintbrush to the wheels. Center caps included, come get 'em! Located at zip code 20878.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / Set of Weld Draglites
15x6 up front, 15x8 in the rear. Set of matched Kelly Charger tires, about 70% tread left. I honestly have no idea what the backspacing is - if you are seriously interested in these wheels, I will take them to a shop to get the exact measurements.

Wheels are very dirty, will need cleaning and polishing!

No curb rash, center caps are a little dinged up (see pics). One cap is missing the 'Weld' decal.

Asking $400 + shipping for the set. Will let go for $325 if you come and pick them up. Located in Philadelphia, PA, zip code 19144.

Proper lug nuts and washers included.

Pictures below of each wheel, center caps and how they looked on my Cougar.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / 1988 Cougar XR7 - probably best for parts
1988 Cougar XR7, approximately 120,000 miles, located in Philadelphia, PA, clear title - currently non-running.
I ran out of time, money and space on this Cougar, so I'm selling her as-is. A rebuilt 302 shortblock with 9,000 miles was swapped in over the winter, as well as all the HO goodies. What happened was after the swap was completed and the car was running, the H-pipe went bad, damaging the valves on the driver's side with possible damage to that head as well. Also during the brief time the car was running, the brake pedal felt a low, so that needs to be looked at.
The good things about the car: 99% rust free, clean underbody, Weld Draglites with matching tires and about 90% tread left, rebuilt AOD about 3,000 miles ago, the motor is sitting on a set of Chuck's motor mounts, all glass is good, dual manual seats (weird, right?)
The bad: car is very dirty inside and out (will need a good cleaning), seats are squished with typical driver's seat lean, exterior is missing some trim pieces, the driver's side door has been repainted at some point, paint overall is toast, needs engine, brake, exhaust work.
The car is pictured in my sig and the banner up top, more pictures are coming! Asking $550 or best offer, flexible. If I can't sell the car whole, I will be forced to part her out (I know, I know I'm horrible) so stay tuned if it comes down to that.
Engine Tech / Awful oil leak - any ideas?
Engine: 5.0

Ok, I'm back with another random question. I swear these will stop soon! :)

I recently changed the lower intake gaskets in the hopes of stopping an oil leak at the back of the engine, which would occasionally drip onto the exhaust and cause a pretty impressive cloud of burning oil. I thought I pinpointed the problem when I took the lower off, and noticed half of the back gasket was missing!

Unfortunately, once I got everything back together, I went for a test drive - the problem is much, much worse. To the point where the oil is somehow reaching all the way back to the mufflers and the whole exhaust smokes (lucky me!). I thought I must've screwed up installing the rear lower gasket, but it's still clean back there. The valve cover gaskets are also new and dry.

My next guess is the rear main seal, which is beyond my capabilities. I was hoping there might be some other ideas back there. I would appreciate any input!
Electrical Tech / How frequently do MAP sensors go bad?
Engine: 5.0

I recently changed the upper/lower intakes, and afterward the car would stall while stopped/in park. I pulled a code 22, so I guess it's the MAP sensor, which I didn't touch (I think?)

Anyways, how often do these things go bad? Should I just go out and buy another one, or could something else be causing the code?

Also, to double check, I attached the vacuum line from the MAP sensor to the middle of the under side of the upper intake (opposite the vacuum line that runs to the charcoal canister (?) in the front.) I think this is right?

As always, thanks in advance for the help!
Engine Tech / Another Lower Intake Question - Sealant
Ok, here's another question. I've searched around on the Mustang boards and found different opinions, so I figured I'd ask here since I trust you guys the most.

Concerning sealant for the lower intake gaskets, where should I apply it? I plan to use silicone generously for the front and back seals (especially the corners), but am unsure about the side gaskets.

The Fel Pro instructions say none is needed. Some people say apply it around the coolant orifices, and I've seen some people put it everywhere. Opinions?