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Engine Swapping / Accufab Long Tube Header Part#: BT330 Fit?
I have an TFS 290 headed 429 that's about to go in my 87 Cougar. I have a Maximum Motorsports K member that's going in also. I was going to go with D&D headers but Bob texted me that he does not offer for that year/model car and I've read about the  Hookers having fit problems. Has anyone tried the Accufab headers? If so how did they fit? Thanks in advance . Rick
User Rides / 20" Rims
Does anyone have 20 inch rims on their car? I was thinking about getting some but would like to see pics first.
Suspension/Steering / MM Steering Shaft
I'm thinking about going with a Maximum Motorsports steering shaft . My question is do I get the Fox or SN95 for my 87 Cougar? If you've installed one how big of a change in steering feel did you notice? Thanks.
Suspension/Steering / Coilover Spring Rates
How do coilover spring rates compare with coil spring rates? How would a coilover spring compare with a 900 lb/in coil spring?
Engine Tech / EGR Delete
My ERG valve is broken and a new one is a little too exspensive right now . I've noticed an EGR block off plate is $10.00 from UPR . IF I remove the ERG how will it effect performance/milege?
Engine Tech / X/H Pipe length Questions
Just for curiositys sake has anyone replaced an H or X pipe with an H or X pipe and found out they were different lengths? I bought an o/r H pipe to replace my cat X pipe and found it to be 2 inches too short . Dummy me thought they would be the same length even though they were from different manufactuers . NOT lol  . Oh well back to the muffler shop . Does anyone make one for our cars specifically?
Engine Tech / TFS Stage 2 Cam
I'm going to have a 306 built with Vic Jr heads and 9.5-10.5 pistons, Torker intake and 650 carb , 2500 converter and 3.73-4.10 rear ( it's a turbo coupe rear that the seller said had 4.10s but I have no Idea it was cheap and close to home) . I was wondering about the low end of the TFS stage 2 cam in one of our cars . I wanted bigger cam than a stage 1 but I don't want to give up too much low end .
Suspension/Steering / Wheel fit issues with 99+ spindles
I have an 87 cougar that I put 99 Mustang spindles on and I'm having issues with wheel fit . I purchased 17x9 Bullitt wheels (+24mm offset 5.95 in. backspace) and they stuck out 1-1.5"without tires on them . Can someone who has done this swap tell me what wheels they used?
Drivetrain Tech / Is this a Turbocoupe rear?
I have what I thought was a Turbo coupe 8.8 and while I'm sure it's an 8.8 that's all I'm sure of  . What has me confused is the distribution block on the rear for the brakes . Mine has a fixed hose attached like a Mustang  . I got one from a Mustang Salvage guy who says he has 5 Turbo coupes and they all look different .
Suspension/Steering / sn95 brake swap quewstion
I installed 5 lug spindles/brakes from an 99-04 Mustang on my 87 Cougar . On the pass side the numbers are: xr37AA on the spindle and 1067 on the caliper bracket . On the drivers side the numbers are: xr38AA and 9246 . The thing that puzzles me is I needed an adapter to mate the drivers side brake hose with the hard line from the master cylinder (3/8-24 inverted female 7/16-24 inverted male ) but the adapter is too big for the passenger side . Shouldn't the hoses have the same size fittings on both sides?