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Engine Tech / Just a little bit of progress
Made a bit of progress last nite, it's hard with the baby so im getting like 1 or 2 hours a week to work on it lol. I got to finish up some plumbing and mount the intercooler, do a intake tube, and get some plugwires and fuel still... but, i feel like it's all finally coming together and i might be starting it soon! Very exciting haha
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / lowering springs (pictures added)
I'll get some pix when I get home but I have hr springs and I think another set that I used for my white car for like 6 months or so.

Like I said, later I'll get part numbers and pictures. Looking for a fair price, ill sell all 6 or the full set and the other two. Paints still shinny

Located in deptford nj 08096. I can deliver or ship if you're out of state.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / aluminum heads
Looking for used cheapish heads lol. Im trying to get this car going and I have iron gt40s that im porting but with the machine work it will cost later I might as well just try and buy used better heads.

Looking for pretty much anything as long as there complete. Willing to spend about 500
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / mostly super coupe stuff, and a fox body qa-1 k-member w/a-arms for coil overs
south jersey 08096,

i'll consider reasonable offers, im not listing or taking pictures of all of it, but... i have 90% of a black super coupe interior with a grey leather 60/40 fold down and black cloth lower rear seat.

also, spair super coupe electric fan, and fox mustang qa-1 kmember for coil overs i wanna get rid of so i can get some other stuff.

i really have no idea what this stuffs even worth anymore... so just shoot me a message with an offer. front seats are in good shape, only stuff thats missing is the dash, and steering wheel. k-member is pretty new also.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / plastic hole cover
Ok, looking for the 3"-4" black plastic hole cover/plug found on the p/side engine bay near the air box. They might have come in lincolns, but I have seen em floating around. I can paypal or send cash/check what ever. Pm me and ill send you my number, we can set something up.
LEADS on T-Bird/Cougar Stuff For Sale / nice race/street car in south jersey
‎1987 tbird, looks like an lx but with a full race drive line. Built 306 with built aod. Converter, full manual reverse valve body tc rear, drag radials, fuel cell, carb'd, etc. Car looks good on the outside and has a new paint job and 3" cowl hood thats pretty nice too (not a pin on), missing back seat but its plated off for the track. It also has a shifter, tac, and 2 bucket seats but no console. Car is supposed to be in the 11s and it looks it. He's asking 4500 obo, also willing to sell body for 1500.

Cars at 236 kings highway in clarksboro nj 08020 phone is 609-685-8000. He got it in a trade and doesn't want it so maybe 3500-4000 would take it. (said he's open to cash offers if you show up with a trailer and cash) I'll try and get a picture if I can later. car also has PA inspection and was driven down here not long ago by its owner to trade this guy for some other car.
Engine Tech / 500hp MM&FF stock block 302?
i think it was MM&FF that did it, it was sorta like this one...

but not about cam comparisons :dunno: i know it was all about useing a stock 302 HO block and they used AFR185s, ported GT40 lower, and a kenne bell blower. i'd like to get that article again, but i cant for the life of me find it. maybe its another website?
Engine Tech / TIG'n intakes, what rod to use for our intakes?
anybody know the kind of aluminum thats used? other then cast lol... i gotta TIG a couple intakes and need to know what kinda rod to use. im pretty sure its 4043 because the 5056 wount take the heat... but im open to options lol.
Engine Tech / people in south jersey
im putting together a motor and i need a cam. i figure ill just get a custom one made for my motor combo but i dunno where to get it. there are a few machine shops around me (south new jersey), but i have not delt with any of them, so i dont know who to go to. so anybody live around me that has good experiance with somebody?
Suspension/Steering / new project
this is what i've been working on the past couple weeks, it's going together pretty well. i'll keep posting pix as i update it also. parts should get here soon and i can finish it up. also, i gotta measure for wheels soon too.

this is mostly about the IRS install, and coil overs but i figure i'd post up the rest of the pix i took so far too lol, ill post up some pix of the t56 in drive train later on, along with the 302 tear town
Suspension/Steering / shock tower measurments
i know a few of you guys have stangs, can somebody give me a measurment of the rear shock tower? it needs to be from the trunk floor (where it meets it) and the top, where the bolt comes through. working on a project, i'll post up pix when its done ;)

also, im looking for measurments from fox, sn95, and 99-04
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / fms 140, aluminum d/s, and manual seat track
All prices are without shipping, shipping is from south jersey, 08096...

FMS 140 speedo w/cluster
Aluminum driveshaft $200
Manual drivers side seat track $75

I can do free delivery in south jersey, or maybe meet you. Otherwise, ill mail it anywhere on your dime, even Canada lol.

P.S. buy my stuff! I need money for a down payment on a truck new truck, oooor engine work on the tbirds.