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Engine Tech / 85 5.0 fuel pump specs
Doing my EFI swap, and wondering if the 5.0 cfi pump will handle the EFI system?.. I do have a better pump, but dont want to drop the tank right now if I didnt have to to get it running.
Engine Tech / swapping valve covers
will stock EFI covers from an 87 5.0 fit on my 85 vert?.... looking at them, the stock 87 covers look way shorter then the covers on my 85
Suspension/Steering / bleeding the master cylinder?
I'm trying to get more brake and stopping out of my 87...since the rebuild, its been a little weak on stopping. Even before the rebuild, I remember it never stopping on a dime, or being able to really lock the brakes up on the car.....

So... after I installed the rear end with disk brakes, I knew I needed an adjustable prop valve.... I installed it this week, and I now have rear braking, but its the same quality as I had before, not really great in the stopping dept.. I bled the crap out of the lines, and now I'm wondering if maybe I need to re-bleed the master cylinder, or perhaps maybe the MC was going before I did the rebuild.
maybe I should just upgrade the MC, and plan for larger calipers down the road?

any ideas , tests, or thoughts on this situation would be great
Other Vehicles / other ride
another that my wife drives
2004 Lincoln Ultimate Cosmopolitan

Other Vehicles / my van
built this last year........ I was bored... lol

This is how it started

trac-lock installed

new door hinges, and repainted lower half

new hitch

new trunk storage

new top

new batteries

new side storage

new bathroom

have to get finished pics tomorrow of the interior... its been buried in snow for months until last week
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / couple more parts needed for the vert SEFI upgrade (updated 4/10/15)
last needed far as I can tell

TV cable from column shift car.

non-Fox related (added 4/4/15)
I know a lot of you visit the yards, so I'll put this out there..
I'm looking for the inside plastic window shrouds (4 total) for the side, and rear cargo doors of my van.. 1992 Ford Econoline and up will work..
usually in club wagons, and conversion vans, color doesnt matter

Body/Appearance/Interior / Evolution II..... misc stuff ..... July 26, 2012
I just wanted to start this thread now, because there will be things that I will repair or upgrade as time allows.

I'll start off with the details of the car that I have at the moment..
I will update the info as I find more out about the car

1985 Cougar Base model W/ 5.0 V8 CFI  85,000 original miles
Built in Lorain, OH
Production line # 75962
Converted by Car Craft in 1985. It's #14 out of ??
I guess there are about 16 known to be made.. no one really knows for sure.

It lived  it's life in Illinois at least 10 years before Bear bought it a few years ago in Florida, and that's where it's been until March of this year.

I'm also waiting for Bears official list of upgrades done to the car while he had it.
Here's a start of the list of upgrades.....

Rear end:
89 lincoln track lock from a Bill Blass Edition  w/ disk brakes
CHE tubular uppers and lowers with Energy Suspension Bushings

Front End: TC and Mark VII parts with Energy Suspension Bushings

5 lug Wheels: Factory 16-195 Cobra's. I put brand new rubber on them before It left Florida.

The back wing w/ upper brake light came from a 92 Nissan Sentra.

Speedo was upgraded from digi to analog. Along with brushed dash bezels

Rotary AC/ Heater was upgraded from mustang, (95 I think)

pop out coin and cup holders came from a 95 Taurus

Steering wheel was upgraded to a XR7 wheel

So since I have had the car. I've had to put in 3 point seat belts to pass safety inspection. So I didn't have to cut the original panels in the back seat, I decided to mount them to the floor to pass Inspection. They will probably be moved once the car goes through it's make over.

I also did the usual tune up/ timing  and routine  checking of the car after it's 1000 mile journey across the east coast.
here's the pic of that day with all the crap connected to the motor.

Also put an exhaust system on it to pass inspection.

Here's some more pics of what bear had done to it.

Yesterday I put air shocks on the back. I's improved the ride tremendously, and is keeping the tires from rubbing in the wells.
 heres a before

And an after

It could probably come down a little.

I also installed my Bosh light from the 80s the other day.
They still need to be wired and adjusted,

That's all for right now, Mabe I'll add some stuff later tonight
Engine Tech / 5.0 CFI to SEFI Upgrade
do we have any threads floating around about converting an 85 5.0 to efi. I'd like to convert the Vert, and seeing I have many parts floating around for EfI, including computer and wiring harness, is it at all do-able?
Drivetrain Tech / AOD Problems... PROBLEM FIXED
So I've been having some problems.....
First off... I have a SC AOD with a 2800 converter. Miles are unknown at this point....
also installed new filter, gasket, and drain plug.
I got it from another member here, and he said it was in working condition when he pulled it out of his car for me.

First question
should the dip stick go into the pan? or stop short?
my original 87 AOD has the same length tube but the dip stick is longer and the full marks are about 1-1/2" diff then the stick in the SC AOD.

Second question
Should the TV lever be pushing all the way clockwise until the throttle is moved, moving the TV lever counter clockwise? That's what it's doing ... I believe that's the way it should be set up according to the video I watched

Main problem
The car shifts fine until the rpms go up, then it slips out into neutral when the rpms lower (as I let up on the gas pedal)... then nothing until the rpms go way up again, and it goes back into gear... Does the same thing in all the gears including reverse. It acts like it's low on fluid, but I'm not sure which dip stick is correct... It seems like the stick should go into the pan, but I could be wrong.... When I use the shorter stick, and fill it to the full marks, it leaks out of the bottom of the tube. I'm sure it needs a new O-ring.... But  I still have the same problem... plus leaking fluid...

Another question
When the fluid is cold.... Should it read way past the full mark, or lower then the full mark on the stick... The vert reads way lower until it's been running, and this one reads way way past the full marks

If there is a problem with this AOD... I have 2 choices until I get this one rebuilt....

1. Install my original V6 AOD with 108,000, and watch it slowly (or quickly) die behind my 306.....
2. Put the C6 in, and get another converter for that... I believe it also has a shift kit in it (if I remember correctly)... and I already have the SB bell, flexplate, and shorter driveshaft for it too. And I also have a ratchet shifter for it..

This will be a temp setup until the SC Aod get rebuilt (if needed), but it won't happen this year. I also don't drive more then 100 miles a year in any of my Cougars.

what do you guys think?