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Suspension/Steering / Advice on wheels.
I'm looking at removing my weld wheel setup(15x5,15x10) and upgrading to 17's or 18's this winter or early spring when my cougar drives again finally. I can't make up my mind on a new rim setup the three options are
 Option 1 is 95 cobra r rims in 4 lug
 17x8 front with either 225 or 245 tire
17x10 rear with 275 or 285 tire
Option 2 is saleen sc wheels 4 lug
17x8 front  225 or 245 tire
17x10 rear 275 or 285 tire.
Option 3
95 cobra r rims or saleen sc wheels
18x8 front
18x9 or 18x10 rear.
Any recommendations or pro or cons of each would appreciate it and any pictures with these wheels to give me a idea since been looking at mustang with these setup since can find any pictures of cougar or Thunderbirds anymore.
Engine Tech / ignition control module
every time i crank the engine i hear a clicking sound from the ignition control module on the side of the distributor afterwards. sometimes it ticks for longer than a few minutes. is it worn out or is there something else wrong?
Engine Tech / fuel pump problems
my cougar cranks but no fuel is going to the fuel injectors. i dont hear the inline and in tank pump turn on with the key in the start position. what could be wrong? could both fuel pump crap out at the same time?
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / best offer sale
i have for sale or trade
one complete set of 4 thunderbird mudflaps
one complete set of 4 cougar mudflaps
energy suspension transmission mount- sold
dual snorkel air cleaner
thunderbird book that holds your factory owners manual
turbocoupe foglight brackets
7.5 chrome differential cover w/ gasket
steel braided hose and line covers
I will include pictures later.
will trade for a driver side cougar tail light that will fit 83-84, some nitrous parts, and fuel parts.
Engine Tech / question about fuel.
is there a way to adjust the fuel pressure regulator to make a car run leaner then rich without going back to a stock inline fuel pump?
Engine Tech / v6 owner please help
i need to know the length of which spark plug wires go where from the distributor to the engine of a 3.8?