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Body/Appearance/Interior / Re: Chrome on Side moldings
Aaaannnndddd 8 years later I found something that works, at least for the 87-88 cars. It's made by 3m, Silver Polyester Metalized Film Tape 1/2" Width.!2966!3!50916781677!!!g!104636078517!&s_kwcid=AL!2966!3!50916781677!!!g!104636078517!&ef_id=V0NsfgAABDQah4wP:20170228212508:s

Grainger sells it. A 5 yard roll (15 feet) is enough to do the rubber side moldings between the wheels. It has an acrylic backing (like body side molding tape) and, if applied to a clean, grease free surface, sticks like crazy. It only needs to be trimmed at the ends as it is the perfect width to cover the chrome strip in the moldings .

Found this.  How is it holding up..?
Electrical Tech / Cruise control quit working
88 5.0 AOD

I will check the fuses when I get home. Other than that I have no idea what else to check.  I've never messed with the cruise stuff before.  Any advise is appreciated. 
Body/Appearance/Interior / Charcoal grey 10 hole wheels
Anyone got pics of darker grey 10 holes on our black cars.  My car is black and trying to decide how they would look. 


I may be able to pic up a set of 4 with tires.
Suspension/Steering / larger wheels and lower profile tires
Its getting pretty hard to get much choice in 15 inch tires anymore, and I can get decent 235/50/17 tires for the same price. The overall size is very close to the same as my 235/60/15 I'm running now.

This leads to my question.  You guys running 17" wheels, did you notice much ride quality degradation when going to the lower profile tires, such as the ones I mentioned? 

Mine already doesn't ride that soft now, cut front stock springs and Tokico Blue shocks all around.

thanks guys.
Engine Tech / pulling engine and GT40P heads
Alright guys.  Here we go, gonna prob have lots of questions as I go.

I got a set of used GT40P heads, unknown mileage, pulled from yard.

I will be putting them in my 88 cougar. (stock block with 122K miles on it)  I am going to pull the engine to address a bad rear main seal leaking.

I will be adding a HO cam also, along with the Explorer upper and lower intakes.

I'm trying to get this car back into daily driver status with a little more power.

Money is very tight on this project.  I plan on getting either Alex's springs or the TrickFlow kit.  Any advise on that?

What is the bare minimum I need to do with the heads?  Can I skip a valve job and magnaflux??  Put new brass blockoff plugs or  leave alone?  I plan to just use the stock rocker arms, (Cougar,Mustang or Explorer) or does it matter??

Will my stock Cougar pushrods work?

Can I reuse my Cougar valve lifters?

I plan on putting a new oil pump in block while out.  What else?

Do I buy head gaskets based on the block or the heads?

I know a lot of questions, just trying to get parts budget and figure things out, and need your guys help.  Thanks.