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T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / A9L ecu and MAF converted harness
As the title says, I have an a9l ecu and mass air converted harness minus the injector and o2 harnesses came from a running car bought from a board member (Kitz_kat) here back in 2013 its been sitting since.

$200 located in Fort Wayne Indiana
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / 14" phone dials
I have these of my 88 they are very nice. 3 of the tires hold air and one holds air for about 2 hours. Tires are dry rotted from sitting.

$50 or best offer.

Located in Ft Wayne, IN
User Rides / Starting fresh
A very long story short, I'm starting over with a new bird I dont like a lot of the things I did to the original car or better yet how I went about doing things. I found one that fit most of my needs fairly well. It doesn't run yet and has been sitting a very long time and needs virtually everything under it replaced. That's no big deal for me. Ive been amassing parts for a while now. The goal is to transfer all my suspension goodies under it some new and some of the stuff I already have. Subframe connectors, jacking rails seat braces ECT.  Then swap the heads and cam on my 302 toss a fitech kit at it and go.

The car is a 88 sport red on red. 90k on the clock supposedly the body is 90% rust free and aside from being faded all to hell the interior is pretty mint.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / 87-88 Turbo Coupe
Tentatively looking for 87-88 TC preferably 5 speed prefer no sunroof and would like it to run and drive could need minor work body wise I'm not too concerned as long as its not a total rotbox and interior color anything but red. I'll deal with it if need be but I'd prefer not.

Would be interested in Sports as well!

Reasonable distance from Fort Wayne, IN

T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / Leftovers from the 5lug swap
I have the 8.8 out of my bird complete from drum to drum 10" brakes shoes and springs are new drums are recent but not new. 3.55's with trac-lock also have the 5lug axle shafts that were originally in it, lost the disc backing plates years ago. $200

11" GT/TC/MarkvII front spindles with new rotors, seals, bearings and pads. They have the markVII calipers but one of them I believe is seized or hanging up -$75

A set of ponies with all 4 caps, all tires hold air but thats about it probably need replaced but would get you by for a little while I dont know off hand what sizes they are but I know the rears are bigger. Little to no rash, paint chipping on a few but not too bad-$ 150

All parts are located in Fort Wayne, IN and far to heavy to ship or to awkward to ship so buyer must pick up.

Lounge / Sky's the limit in 2016
Haven't posted here in a while. 2015 was a very busy year for me with a lot of ups and downs. Had two jobs in the beginning of the year, Had another job in line back in March, quit job one and back peddled for a little while waiting on said job while working the retail job I've had since '07. April, May, June and most of July I waited ( I cleared for hire at CSX just pending start date) I had pretty much given up hope and I get a call from one of my buddies telling me he gave my info to a guy he knew at a staffing agency. Temp service... GREAT well hell, I'll give anything a shot. This guy calls me up no more than 10 minutes after I hang up with my buddy.

 I got my new job in late July. I build cement trucks. Well, not really. I work in the repair side of the business. Yeah, It sounds kind of lame, but it isn't. I rebuild front and tandem axles mostly with the occasional truck that comes in that needs something repaired. I'm loving it. It's about 3 miles away from my house.

Since I got that job in July, I still had been working my retail job about 15-20 hours a week just for a little extra income. It seemed like I just couldn't get ahead at all. Well, my temp period was from July- November. I hired on fully in November and that came with a pay raise. I still couldn't get ahead and it was tearing me apart. They always say it gets the darkest before light right? The week before Thanksgiving my retail job decided to do an almost complete management turn. Managers in positions they'd never been in and made it a real struggle. My new boss was going to change everything in our department in a day and was pushing hard, we didn't quite get along so to say. After quite a bit of thought, I had made up my mind that I'm not doing this anymore..... It's not worth it.. So I told him that I thought it would be better for everyone involved if I didn't work there anymore and put my two weeks in.

Ever since that, my bank account has been in the positives more than just a few pennies, I've felt better, had more energy and have been able to climb the ropes that I needed to at the new job and at home.

If I keep it up, I'll be able to dump some more money into my prescription 4-wheel anti-depressants.

Best of luck to you all in 2016

Lounge / New Job Opportunity
There has been quite a bit going on in my life in the past year as some of you may all know. Im a homeowner now, its been rocky for us up here just getting by. I started a new job at the tail end of July building horse trailers with living quarters and that has been paying the bills along with the little I get from the grocery store I work at on the weekends. Paying the bills and thats about it. Well a friend of mine kept telling me to apply where he works, I did and was denied. Kept at it hard nose down and kept working. He told me to apply again. No dice. Kept plugging away at my 70+ hour weeks. He told me that theyre hiring 60 more people for positions so once again I applied. Well this time I got an email saying You have an interview Saturday 1/24 at 8am. SWEET! interview went well with a background on the company and such and such. They told me that I would hear a yay or nay back within a week. Well I heard. and they gave me a job offer and I without a doubt accepted. I have a few medical tests along with a hair folical/urine drug test, hearing/ vision test. Then a physical strength test. I will ace those no issues.

Then I will have 6 weeks of training down in Atlanta, GA

Oh yeah and the job offer I got was for a freight conductor at CSX. Things are definitely looking up for me
User Rides / New Daily. (Contains GM product) and what Ive been up to
Hey guys I know its been a minute since Ive been on here, trust me its been a very long road since July and alot of things have been happening and its just been a clusterf*ck sh!tstorm. My mom passed away the very beginning of July and her life insurance didnt cover near enough as we thought it would at the time. My fiancee got sick the first week in July and was hospitalized for about 4 days during which my mom passed. That sucked. I got a new job paying decent money about an hour away from home all fine and dandy my little comanche will do fine getting me there and back. 5th gear says screw you the first week working there. so I bounce back to my rusty trusty dakota also all fine and dandy 12mpg, crappy brakes, rear diff howling like crazy. That truck is on borrowed time and no real money to fix it right now, oh well drive it till it pukes and luckily it hasnt. Im a home owner now by default. still talking to mortgage companies to get the numbers settled. for a while I was the only income in the house my little lady has been recovering from a very bad kidney infection that was creeping everywhere. We had a friend that needed a place to live that works for CSX as a conductor. SURE! now shes got a job at the car lot that we got her audi from a year or so ago. and she told me to come in and look at trucks cause the owner said he could get me one for a really decent price. I had a settlement check from moms life insurance policy coming my way so I decided to take a look and see what I could get my paws on that would be reliable and wouldnt kill me too bad at the pump. (note ive been driving an hour to work one way with a truck that gets 12mpg, so anything is better than that.) I walked the lot and found a few trucks that I liked but none of them really fit my criteria i suppose you'd call it. I wanted a 4 door fullsize TRUCK cloth interior, v8, 4x4 and somthing that I wouldnt get tetanus from just by looking at it. Well I stumbled across a 2000 Silverado that fit very closely to the idea I had in my head. its not a crew cab, but it is a 4 door. I asked if I could take it around the block a couple times I did it and fell in love with it. Its a 5.3L which Ive never had the experience of playing with. Im absolutely astounded by the power this HEAVY truck has, it really scoots. This is one of the smallest v8's aside from the 302's Ive had and its impressed me. the mileage it has is the only reason it was still on the lot. It has 231k on it. and by the looks of it was very well maintained. and very rust free.

The only things I dont like about it are the color, push button 4x4, and the fact that the rear speakers dont work for some reason lol I replaced all the speakers yesterday anyway so its something in the wiring. or maybe even the radio. oh well it doesnt really concern me at this particular moment.

Well without further ado, here she is.

Now if only I could sell my comanche and the 88 bird, I would be sitting pretty and have some money for some much needed mods to it.
Lounge / New camera Lots of pictures
Well, new to me. I havent had a decent camera... ever. aside from the hoard of 35mm stuff I used in high school. I have a ton of lenses well i came across a Pentax K-01 pretty damned cheap. This is MY FIRST digital camera. I love photography as a hobby Im not the greatest but I sure try. I have some pictures I took this weekend while out fishing with my brother and started messing around with filters that I didnt have to screw on. The only downfall to the camera was the fact it didnt come with any lenses luckily most of my 35mm lenses are k-mount already but I do have some cannon a-mount lenses that I would like to use but I need to get an adapter but no big rush lol

Figured I'd share some of my pics let me know whatcha think. Enjoy

And, some of the four legged family members

T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Wtb t5
The only thing missing for my swap is a T5. If anyone has one close (within reason) to Fort Wayne, IN for a v8 at a decent price I would be extremely grateful. I need this car to be drivable soon.

Let me know what ya have! Thanks