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Lounge / gamers?
I know from memory that some here are gamers...anyone here on PS4?

I've a PS4, play GTAV often, along with a little rocket league, Battlefield 5 (just got started in it), Dying Light, CoDWW2, and of course GT Sport.

my gamer handle is ca81176556 if you want to add me. It's usually later on in the evenings and at night, around 11pm CST that I'm on, owing to working second shift.

Other Vehicles / new kid limo
Grabbed an '06 Exploder last week, this one has the 4.6 3v, it's an eddie bauer. Pretty nice riding/driving buggy. I like it. Wheels aren't

Site Suggestions / spammer on the board..
ena1 is a spammer. Only has a handful of posts, but each one has a link to something for sale etc.

I've reported the posts, but the fuckstick is still here and in no way contributes to the subject of the forum... :-\
Lounge / '03-'06 Expedition, anyone here have one?
I'm looking at snagging one soon, was wondering if anyone here had or has one and if there are any issues I need to look for when I go do a tire kick and test drive.

One of the ones I'm eyeballing is an Eddie Bauer, and is super nice with about 125K.

Thanks in advance for any info :D
Lounge / I just want to say...
That, having been a member here for the nearly 14 years, and seeing how relatively unchanged this place has been, I want to thank Eric, Carmen, Chuck, and everyone else that's helped this place get to where and what it is today.

I was looking at another forum (gun forum) and how much they've changed, ie; sold out to corporate forum ownership and realized that we're lucky here. It's kept up by true fans with passion, rather than driven to be a profit generator.

For that, I applaud and commend you guys. You fuckin' rock, keep it up. :bowdown::bowdown::bowdown:

PS, there will be a new addition to my herd before long. It's a 5.0 and was born in Lorain in late '87.. ;)
Lounge / Explorer love...
Picked up a '98 with a lot of miles but documented maintenance, it's really nice, in and out.

Has the 5.0 of course, after the white '97 SOHC 4.0 bullshit, I won't even contemplate another of those.

I still of course have my Mountaineer, but it's fate is sealed. It has a date with destiny soon, it's going to give up it's engine harness, transmission, and fuel lines, which are going into the white Explorer, along with a lower mile 5.0

It's a fair bit of work, but the white one has a lot of new suspension stuff, ball joints, etc, and the body is in great shape, as is the interior..

The new one is the gold colored one, obviously :D
Lounge / the summer of insanity
Awhile back (last fall) I bought a '97 Explorer with the 4.0, the body is in great shape. Had the "rattle" that any 4.0 owner comes to dread before emptying wallets, kids' piggy banks, and putting in a second mortgage on the house over.

Well, I ain't fixin' this piece of shit, broken timing chain boat anchor of an engine.

So last week I bought a wrecked '99 Mountaineer (5.0)

You may see where I'm going with this....

The plan is to use the '99 engine, pirate the fuel system, engine harness and ECM from my worn out (345,000 mile) '97 Mountaineer, and swap it all into the '97 Explorer (former)4.0.

It's a big job, and thereby delaying my Mustang shit. I've gotta have an SUV. I also am planning on using my '97 5.0 trans, as I'm not sure if the trans in the '99 is the same kind.

I put a new frontend, tires, brakes, and shocks on the '97 Explorer, and my '97 Mounty is, let's say..past it's prime. It's served me well, and I'm not one to get attached to a mechanical object, but I'm going to miss it when it's gone. It's been great these last 5 years, but face it. Doors stick, barely open, loud exhaust sucks, needs ball joints and tires and brakes and new rotors and....and......

First things first. Gotta get the engine out of the '99 and examine it. Drunk chick ran off the road and hit a tree and tore the driver's front off. Still has oil in the pan and the first thing I checked was the inertia switched. Yup, it was tripped, so I'm fairly certain the engine is good still. She broker her neck in the wreck, was airlifted out. Don't drink and drive.

Pics to come, welcome to my summer of insanity. (anyone here a therapist....I could use help..ha.)
Lounge / already had my share of the 4.0
no real point to this thread, other than general pissin n' moanin' about the subject matter. Timing chain, '97 Exploder.

Half the miles and wear of my '97 Mountaineer (that one's a 5.0) and it's already laid down on us. We got it in December..

I'm already looking for a donor exploder/mounty to do a 5.0 transplant. As long as it has a good engine (meaning less miles than my Mounty) I'll buy the engine (or whole vehicle) and swap. If I have to nab shit from the Mounty, I will. It's getting rough, one of the doors doesn't stick...rust holes bigger than an elephant's ass in the quarters, etc. That 300K mile engine and trans still run pretty fucking good though. All I truly need is an exhaust....y pipe, cats, etc. Mine's rusted, broken all to hell and back....

Just a car guy to others..
Lounge / yep..
Merry Christmas to you all....keep in mind that some folks are less well off, and won't see another Christmas.

Be safe, kind, and do a small favor for those with less or in need. Let's make 2017 a better year :):bowdown:
Lounge / what's up?
I've not been as active here, other than reading posts a couple of times a week. I've gotten a new job, I'm a freight unloader at Wal Mart. I won't be ordering that new Mustang any time soon, but the cash infusion into things means I may actually get my engine dropped in this winter, time notwithstanding.

I'm casually looking for a set of 24# injectors and a matching mass air meter, but it's not the highest of priorities right this minute. Still, if the right deal(s) came along, I wouldn't hesitate.

The Mounty is needing some work, our Kia (wife's daily) is down n out due to front wheel bearings, and if it wasn't for a loaner car via my dad, well, I'd be thumbing it back and forth LOL.

Anyway, that's my last 6 weeks in a very brief summary, and I wish it would There's so much dust on stuff, it's about like being in the desert.
I'm off today because I'm sick, seems like the cold/chest infection stuff going around has caught up to me....first I've been sick in nearly a year, but I'm not crappin' and pukin' like I was last Thanksgiving, so there's that to be grateful for.

Y'all be careful...keep those wrenches spinning, or the tires, one. :bowdown::D
Lounge / death rattle..
I was going to run down to the pop machine in town a  few minutes ago to get a can of dr pepper (i've cut way down...this would've been my first soda since wednesday) and when I started the Mounty, well, there was a knock.

I shut 'er off, checked the oil, just a wee bit below the full line, not nearly low enough to make it knock. Started her up again, the same. Revved on it, went away, but at idle, it's got a definite knock. I'm not certain if it's rod or main, so I'm going to park it unless absolutely necessary.

Looks like I need to start planning a trip to the city to hopefully grab a replacement Exploder/Mounty 5.0....

I'd sort of hoped she'd last awhile longer. Has 258xxx on it and still has plenty of power. Nothing lasts forever though.
Lounge / Mother Nature...
is going to unleash some hell today.

All you guys/gals in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and other parts affected by this stuff..stay safe.

I'm well outside of the danger area for now, but even so, the humidity has increased, the temps are up, it's cloudy, and I've got one of those headaches that comes about when the pressure changes.

We had a small twister (EF1) make a little mess in a town about 15 miles from me Thursday night, and yesterday afternoon a brief but intense T storm fast tracked through and dumped an inch of rain in 30 minutes.

Anyway, the NWS is saying this could be an outbreak scenario with casualties, so keep an eye on the clouds and a ear tuned to a radio station. ;)

Quite a few folks on the board are probably gonna see something of this..and of course the system will be long lived, and will be in my area later tonight or the early morning hours. Good times. :)
Lounge / chronic pain
I've got a lot of pain in my hip, ankles, left knee, and now my left wrist has been bothering me. I'm actually fairly fit, but now my wrist has so much pain that it's impossible to lift more than a few pounds with my left hand. A full gallon of milk is no bueno. I hate taking pills...well, not really, I could easily turn into a drooling foo via hydrocodone, but I hate being numb and I hate being addicted to things even more.

Earlier today, I tried to sharpen my lawnmower blades...between the pain and the lack of strength in my left hand, I couldn't do it. Progress is accordingly non existent on most of "want to" projects, but I'm soldiering through with as much of the "have to" as I can. I don't know what I've done to it...awhile back I was wrestling with the kids and fell on my left hand, bending my wrist and hand into my arm. It hurt for a couple of weeks, then it cleared up. That was 2 months ago and now it's much worse...some swelling. Heat and ice do little, and managing the pain with ibuprofen and aleve.

I suppose if it's this sore Monday or Tuesday I call the doc and get an appointment. It's sort of taken for granted what you use your hands for...when suddenly the mundane is switched up because you can't do something like you may have before. Getting a cup of coffee...damn sure can't hold the coffee pot with my left hand, not when it's full anyway. It sucks.

I've always had some pain, but this wrist and hand is beyond anything that's what I consider my normal. At rest, it's probably around 2 or 3, when trying to hold something heavy, 6 to 7, on the lovely scale of 1 to 10.

The left wrist also has a large knot with two prominent bumps where the meaty part of the palm and thumb are...they're a bit painful when touched too. They're not hard like bone, but rather more like cartilage. I wonder if something is displaced in my wrist...

As for ankles and left knee....that's typical pain since I was 14 years old. Always just a slight nagging sting, snow and rain makes it a little more so. The hip is something else entirely. I can go cut wood for a couple of hours...the next day I can barely stand up straight or walk without a limp from that side.

Shit sucks, causes me to not sleep so good. I had a bad experience with a doctor in '99 when I blew my shoulder...he got me hooked on tramadol. Coming off of those was horrendous. I was young, didn't know that quitting prescription pain meds cold turkey can kill a person...I felt like I was going to croak off, and wanted to for several days.

I've been sober for enough years now that I have no desire to rely on pills to function or get by, I know there's some folks here who feel the same way.

I know it's obvious i need to see a dr sooner rather than later (or never), this pain is getting to where it's more of a hindrance to doing everyday things.

Right now, I couldn't lift an iron 5.0 head with both hands if I had to. Damned annoying. :mad:
Lounge / parking lot drama LOL
The wife, the baby, our daughter, and I were at wal mart yesterday for a few things, and as if that wasn't bad enough, being in wal mart during the day when the animals are out and about, when we were leaving (in the Mountaineer), I about got hit.

I'd already backed out of my spot, and actually forward when some knob in a newer dodge SUV just backed out right in front of me. Of course since I've started to cut down on soda, I've been drinking coffee as a caffeine substitute, and at that time of day, most of a pot of coffee sloshing around in my system, I was edgy, alert, and nerves stretched tight as fiddle strings.

So this ass slurp just starts backing out, I threw the Mounty in rewind and hit the gas hard enough to break the hides loose (front driveshaft is out, it's normally AWD, but now is RWD) and at the same time, I laid on the horn like it was an air raid siren and we were in Berlin in April '45.

The sombitch in the dodge actually had the balls to stop...and when he opened his door, I yelled out my window "you'd best not get out asshole!".

Meanwhile my wife, who is about as hot tempered as I am started yelling at the guy to effing move and flipping him off. He started flipping us off in return, and then pulled off to the side of the low where there weren't any cars as if he expected e to follow him. Since I carry, I deemed it best to leave and de-escalate the situation a little, but then, when i pulled out, he darted out behind me and started following me, staying back about 2 car lengths.

I wasn't too worried, but thought to myself that I'd just see if he wanted to follow me to the police station. When we got up to the intersection where mcdonalds is, he suddenly veered off and across oncoming traffic like he had an epiphany that perhaps a big mac was better than messing with someone he probably ought not to.

If I'd have been by myself, I'd have just left town without too much thought beyond avoiding getting my bumper smashed, but since I had the kids and this clown was acting rather combative...well....that folks is why I carry. You don't know what the hell other people will do anymore.

And besides, I was already moving forward when he backed out without (obviously and evidently) looking to see if he was clear. THEN he got mad when I laid on the horn. Sumbitch...

I know what I'd have done had he gotten out, I sure couldn't back up as there was by then a vehicle behind mine. I reckon if he'd have gotten within 5 or so feet, I'd have my Walther in hand, and do what I had to keep the wife and kids safe if he started a physical attack on me or or the vehicle.

I hate wal mart. usually I go there well after dark. From now on, I won't go there unless it's a "have to" thing. Mother f*cker....LOL

And it's not that I'm inclined to violence or conflict, I'd rather solve a situation than resort to action, and truly feel that using a gun is ONLY for a life or death event. However, I know that people have been killed for a lot less, and I fully intend to go home tonight, tomorrow night, or any night to eat supper, and tuck the kids into bed.

I expect no less of anyone else in the world.