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User Rides / My 85 TBird
Quote from: bodyman;464917
Heating them up and pushing out and in where needed is about the only way. I use a couple of body dollies and spoons to "work" the plastic around when its warm, then hold it there until it cools down. I wouldn't attempt to do this unless you plan on repainting the cover, more than likely to get things hot enough to move you are going to burn the paint. I rarely fix bumper covers here at the shop, it has to have just very minor damage or it gets replaced. More often than not you end up with more labor in fixing and prepping than the cost of a new one. Your Marauder rear cover is about $1350 though, so it may be worth putting some time into. 

By no means are my covers going to be what I would call straight, maybe it's possible to get them there, but to me would be an exercise in futility. 

This is the heat gun I use at the shop.

I appreciate the info, I hate asking about bodywork tips and tricks. I knew the rear covers were expensive, I just had to replace the front cover, header panel, grille, and impact absorber last year. I was an estimator for 3 years, and took a break but looks like I'm going back into the business as a shop manager.
User Rides / My 85 TBird
Wow, very nice work on those. I need to pickup one of those older plastic welders. My Harbor Freight is not very good for this type of work. Do you have any tips for working with wavy covers? My 03 Marauder has the yellow urethane and the rear cover is wavy on the sides and the paint has spider web cracks. I tried to redo the front using some Metal Kote filler but now the paint is popping off the filler.
User Rides / My 85 TBird
How thin is the material on the bumpers where it meets the fenders and quarters? I've always wanted to shave them like you did.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / 86 Turbo Coupe Interior parts
I bought a 86 Turbo Coupe with red interior from COLD on this forum about 3 years ago and he brought it up to me this past weekend. I'm going to need to find some parts for it starting with the driver's side armrest assembly on the door. I do not have anything other than the grab handle and door handle so I'll need the lock switch and bezel too. I'm also missing the trim under the column and the mirror switch. I'll be adding more to this list as I work on the car.