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T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / 87/88 Turbo Coupe Parts
We will try this one again...  I am now heading from Rochester, MN to  West Falls, NY on the weekend of May 12. If anyone wants parts from my  list and can meet along the way, then PM me and I'll throw them in the  truck. Thanks.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / 1987 tbird hood
If you would consider an 87/88 Turbo Coupe hood, I have a dark blue one and a black one. I also may have either a white one or a grey one. Your choice for $100. I am currently planning on driving to Detroit on Thursday July 20 and would be happy to swing through the Racine area on my way to drop it off.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / 87/88 Turbo Coupe Parts
I have some expensive to ship 87/88 TC parts for sale and am heading from Rochester, MN to Indianapolis, IN on Feb 16 (may go thru Chicago) and then back to  Rochester on Feb 17. I would be happy to meet  somewhere to eliminate shipping charges, which would be more than the  parts cost for many of them. Just PM me or  if you  live along the route and are interested in anything on the  list.  Would give big discounts for quantity purchases. Thanks!
  $20ea Door Panels - Bare
  $10ea Interior Rear Upper Sail Panels
  $10ea Interior Rear Lower Arm Rest Panels
  $15ea Interior “A” Pillar Long Trim Pieces
  $20 Underhood Duct Work
  $40 Center Consoles – Bare, no lids
  $30pr Hood Hinges
  $50 Master cyl asm, incl proportioning valve
  $25 Rear Package Trays
  $50 Dual Cooling Fan asm (Tested)
  $20 Rear Sway Bars
  $20ea Rear Coil Springs
  $25pr Freshly Turned Front Rotors
  $40 Driver Power Seat Tracks (Tested)
$60 Passenger Power Seat Tracks (Tested)
  $40 Rear Bumpers
  $75-$150 Hoods
  $50 Trunk Lids
  $100 Header Panel
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / WTB: 5.0 CFI MAP Sensor
I am looking for a 5.0 CFI MAP Sensor. I am pretty sure one from an 83 or 84 Cougar 5.0 would work. If nobody has one of those, then I will expand my search list. It should have a round 4-pin connector and one vacuum hose port. The other port is "empty". I am willing to trade 87/88 TC parts for the sensor, if that helps. Thanks.

T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / 87/88 TC Parts
Quote from: My10-80;452049
Grey could work.    Sent you a PM

I sent you a new PM.

I also updated my trip info in my original post as I will be heading to IN in July. If anyone is interested in anything, feel free to let me know. Thanks!
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / WTB: NOS 87/88 T-Bird Turning Lights
I am looking for a pair of NOS lights that mount next to the headlights (outers, not inners). They are the same for all 87/88 Birds, LX, TC, etc. My second choice would be new aftermarket lights. I know there was a company selling them a few years ago, but I didn't buy any then and now those have dried up too. :-(