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Suspension/Steering / 87 tbird to sn95 swap complete!
I completed the sn95 brake axle spindle swap in ny87 tbird lx 5.0.  It was a success!!  Got a junker 98 mustang gt, rebuilt the 8.8 axle w/ 3.27 gear and traclock, transfered rear brake hoses and right to left rear brake line. Maximum motorsports front brake line conversion, PBR front calipers and rotors.  93 mustang cobra brake booster and master cylinder, 3 to 2 master cylinder line conversion from mm, removed old proportioning valve, replaced with adjustable prop valve.  Replaced ball joints with sn95 ball joints, Replaced tierods with mm bumpsteer tie rods, installed mm adjustable strut mounts. swapped the rear swaybar with the 98 rear swaybar.  Had to do a few modifications for fitment issues with brake lines.  Other than that, it was a success
Suspension/Steering / Re: 87 tbird to Sn95 front brake hose issue
Just fyi for anybody who does this, i noticed fox body mustang front brake hose brackets are mounted behind the strut and the hose is mounted and goes towards the back.  I modified the original bracket and relocated it to behind the strut.  I fabricated a piece of brake line and got a union to connect to the original brake line to the extension.  Then for the thread in the brake hose, i bought a 3/8-24 female to 7/16-24 male inverted flare adaptor.  Good to go
Suspension/Steering / 87 tbird to Sn95 front brake hose issue
Ran into another problem not mentioned in the forums, the brake line to front caliper brake hose maximum motorsports 87 5.0 to sn95 does not fit the factory fitting on the chassis of the t-bird, it needs a larger fitting, any ideas what size fitting fits the mm brake hose conversion for the front brake lines?
Suspension/Steering / Sn95 steering knuckle issue
Im in the middle of installing the sn95 knuckle in my 87 tbird, the mounting of the strut to knuckle is different, am i suppose to use a sn95 strut of the same year as the sn95 knuckle?  Will the sn95 strut shaft fit in the maximum motorsport strut mount bearing?
Engine Tech / Re: 87 5.0 tbird Flat top pistons?
Thanks for the info, im not going that drastic with it, but gives me some ideas of how it would perform.  This is just strictly street.  Probably go 2000 to 2200rpm stall to get the engine in the torque range of the cam.  Supposedly the cam operates between 1500rpm and 5500rpm.  The 4r70w gearing will help, 2.84 1st gear with 3.27 final is like having the original 2.4 aod with a 3.73 on launch
Engine Tech / Re: 87 5.0 tbird Flat top pistons?
aod 4r70w conversion brings it from 2.4 to 2.84 on 1st gear, i had a similar cam to this on my 65 comet with a t5 5 speed & 3.00 diff  didnt have an issue, it was awesome.  For the xe270hr (a step above the Magnum 270hr) it recommends 3.20 to 3.73 gear
Engine Tech / Re: 87 5.0 tbird Flat top pistons?
I decided to swap out the block. The heads are cast iron 1.94 intake 1.60 exhaust 60cc chamber 180cc intake runner, Comp cam magnum 270hr.  I was thinking going with gt40 intake upper/lower.  What do u think?  Trans will be AOD with 4r70w gearing, chromoly input shaft with tci street valve body rework.  Rear end i have just finished my 8.8 build with ford traclock 3.27 gear.  This is just for street

I had a 65 merc comet with a 347 with alum heads 2.02/1.60 270h flat tappet 5speed, it was awesome.
Engine Tech / Re: 87 5.0 tbird Flat top pistons?
Carolina machine engines is who i deal with, ive bought several engines from them, i will ask if it is a in house head when im ready, most likely im going to replace the short block with one of there's.
Engine Tech / Re: 87 5.0 tbird Flat top pistons?
Im converting it to maf.  For B cam,  were you talkin about the ford motorsports 303B?  I found a company that has new 1.94 intake cast iron heads for a decent price.
Engine Tech / Re: 87 5.0 tbird Flat top pistons?
if they have flat top pistons, what cam/head options do i have so i don't have to change the lower end, im trying for 300hp/300torque.  i'm going to do some research myself, but if anybody has a flat top piston motor getting 300 please let me know your setup.  I don't want to knock the valves if they end up floating at high rpm.
Engine Tech / 87 5.0 tbird Flat top pistons?
does the original 5.0 in the tbird for 1987 come with flat top or is there valve reliefs?  I've been getting mixed info on this.
Engine Tech / Re: 5.0 87 tbird oil burning
noticed yesterday, i accelerated and let go of the gas immediately which would pull the most vacuum, a cloud of blue smoke came out.  got to be the valve guides.