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Engine Tech / Re: 87 5.0 tbird Flat top pistons?
Your putting a 302 in a fairly heavy car. You really need a good torque converter. It's going to make all the difference. I run a 9.5" billet PI Stallion non-lockup converter with a 2800 rpm stall, stock AOD gearing, and 3.73 gears. The car pulls hard from any rpm and just rips. A lot of it is in the converter. I think if I had gone with the 4R70W gear set when I had the trans built it would be even more fun. I'm really considering swapping out the 3.73s for 4.10s on my car. It'll just make it more fun.

Engine in the car is a 306 with Edelbrock Performer heads (1.90 intake/1.60 exhaust valves), Comp 266HR cam, Edelbrock Performer RPM intake, 30lb injectors, Edelbrock 70mm throttle body, FRPP 1&5/8" headers, 2.5" exhaust. I ran a GT40 intake on the combo for several years. It was ok but the car always felt flat above 5000 rpm with it. I switched it out for the Performer RPM and it was a night and day difference above 5000 rpm after that. The GT40 intake probably makes more torque below 2000 rpm but with a 2800 stall and 3.73 gears the engine spends virtually no time at that low of a rpm.

If you get a good converter in the 2800-3000 rpm stall range and some 3.73 gears I wouldn't even bother with the GT40 intake. Just find an Edelbrock Performer RPM intake or a Trick Flow Track Heat intake.
User Rides / Re: BlueBird
If you need the stuff these guys out of Wisconsin sell it:

At least that's where I was able to buy it. The 7/16" stuff that fits the moldings on our cars is getting harder to find. This stuff from 3M (Grainger sells it) works great for the side moldings where you can't remove the center piece:

The 1/2 inch roll works perfect.
User Rides / Re: BlueBird
There is a place in Wisconsin I believe that has the  chrome trim that will fit in the bumper cover. I bought some when I had my car painted 2 years ago. I'll find the box in the garage and let you know what company it is. I still had some left after doing the front and rear bumper.
Engine Tech / Re: 87 5.0 tbird Flat top pistons?
I've been down the cast iron GT40 head route. I recommend you save up some more money and get a good set of aftermarket aluminum heads. Just going from iron GT40s to Edelbrock Performer heads with no other changes my car picked up half a second an 4.5 mph in the quarter.

By the time a set of GT40s, the best factory iron head, is ported pretty much to the max it is barely the equivalent of an as cast aftermarket aluminum head.
User Rides / Re: Work In Progress.
How's the chrome in the lenses? Good chrome makes a big difference on brightness and light pattern.
Engine Tech / Re: 5.0 87 tbird oil burning
Another thing to check is your PCV valve. If it's old and plugged oil will get into all sorts of places it shouldn't be.
Body/Appearance/Interior / Re: Mark VII Seats in a Cougar
At this point the newest Mark VII is 27 years old. No matter what seats you find they will likely need to be recovered. So just buy whatever seats you can find and bring them to an upholstery shop. Then you can have the exact color you want.
User Rides / Re: BlueBird
Steps 1&2:

Step 67:

Step 369:

Step 12478:

Then welded all that I could reach with the y-pipe attached to the car. Next up: finish weld, add a couple hangers, and connect to the old muffler.

It looks great.

I can't imagine why you wouldn't want to drive around with an open header/manifold 3.8  :toothless: .