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User Rides / Re: New Addition
"Finished" installing the carpet.  Trimmed everything up, installed the kick panels and sill plates, got all the holes cut/placed for the front and rear seat mounting locations.
User Rides / Re: New Addition
Took a little bit of a detour this weekend ... the hood release cable mount was broken, so decided to replace it before finishing up the carpet.  Pulled the fender and replaced the cable assembly.  Found a nice nest of cotton ... not surprised with the car having sat for close to 20 years.
Body/Appearance/Interior / Re: 86 cougar beltline weather strip,dew wipes
I just recently used the Fairchild product, purchased from Rock Auto.  It works, no issues.  I just replaced them on a vent window vehicle so I had to trim them, but they should work for non-vented as well ... you just need to go through the whole process of removing your old ones and then riveting these to the backside of the trim.
User Rides / Re: New Addition
Sounds typical of the era, I noticed some of that myself but had always been able to get everything aligned well enough. Surprisingly, the switches have always behaved perfectly in my car...up until this moment when I mentioned them. Ah well, it was a good run...  :nonchalance:

If you need some reference pix just let me know.

Thanks.  Yeah, anything you can pass along would be a great help I'm sure.  I left the driver side alone so I have something to reference while I work on the passenger side.  I have all the brackets and mounting plate/cover getting powder coated, hoping to start putting that side back together this weekend.
User Rides / Re: New Addition
Ah okay, think that's the motor I got also. It's definitely smooth operating and quieter.

A square roller? Wow...guess I better check mine now too LOL.

I also need to play with the limit switches ... I assume the bottom one is supposed to cut the power to the motor once the window hits a certain spot?

Yes, exactly. Was yours not doing that?

Yeah, the grease in the window track was so dried up and the roller was deformed.  Some of the grease was basically bonded to the roller and I had to break it off.

On the limit switch, I'll have to manually check its operation.  I don't think it is adjusted or aligned correctly as it wasn't being engaged at all ... looks like there had been attempts at adjustments to the rear windows over the years ... shims, washers, you can tell that the mounting brackets have been in different spots ... I'm sure there's plenty of time in my future trying to get these things aligned.
User Rides / Re: New Addition
Nice progress Matt! The carpeting/console combo looks fantastic.

Just FYI, I'm not positive but the rear power window motors might be clocked. I replaced one of mine a few years ago (and it turns out that it wasn't necessary, there was a power/wiring issue instead) and it hasn't been exactly right since. I have some adjustments to make right now (in/out), hopefully it doesn't require removing that motor again.

BTW, the new motor was brand new, not a reman, from O'Reillys and I believe it was listed under a 1984-ish Pontiac Bonneville 4-door. It's a little quieter, doesn't sound like C-3PO's body movements anymore*. I kinda miss that sound...but the other side is still the original mid-1980s motor so I've got that.  :toothless:

* Seriously, an old Cadillac window motor was the basis for the sounds of C-3PO's movements in the original Star Wars movie (A New Hope). Subsequent movies had different sounds for him, but The Last Jedi brought back the GM window motor sounds.

Thanks!  As I mentioned before, I'm not a huge fan of red on red on red interior, so hopefully this will tone it down some.  Looks awfully dark right now with no seats ... probably not the best idea to go dark on a convertible interior either, but I think it should all tie together nicely in the end ... guess we'll see!

The rear windows both operated, but not smoothly by any means.  I pulled everything apart to inspect and grease things up.  The plastic roller bearing that rides in the track is practically square, I'm sure that's not exactly helping matters ... I'll have to address that.  I just bought replacement motors since I had it apart ... figured I'd rebuild it all while I was there.  I bought new AC Delco units similar to these:  I haven't reinstalled anything yet, so we'll see if they are clocked or not.  I also need to play with the limit switches ... I assume the bottom one is supposed to cut the power to the motor once the window hits a certain spot?

Love the Star Wars trivia ... hard to be a child of the 80's and not!
User Rides / Re: New Addition
Refreshed the passenger side seat - hit it with some SEM vinyl cleaner and then treated it with some protectant, came out nice ... the interior was in pretty good shape all things considered, just needs some cleaning and TLC.  I have a little work to do on the base of the driver's side seat since I am changing it over due to the consolette.

Gutted the passenger side rear window area ... here's a seldom seen shot on one of these cars.  Replacing the window weatherstripping (brittle/missing), window motor (both rear side windows need some maintenance), and the lift cylinders for the top (leaking).  Plenty to keep me busy for awhile ...ha!
User Rides / Re: New Addition
Got the new carpet trimmed up and test fit.  Still need to do some trimming on the sides but it's in place now along with the center console. 
User Rides / Re: New Addition
Finally back at it after things kind of slowed through the holidays.  Cleaned up some of the vert specific wiring - replaced basic crimp connectors with some nice heat shrink units with the built in solder.  Reinstalled the factory insulation/carpet padding.  Cleaned and painted the center console, you can see the fading and discoloration in the photo.
User Rides / Re: New Addition
I like the color combo (a lot) but having trouble imagining the seats being one color (either).  Are you painting the trim pieces or they original color?  Would dying/paint the seats a combination be an option?  I believe the raven seats were originally two tone so something similar?

All of the interior pieces that I'm changing out or experimenting with are stock pieces in their original color ... with one exception so far ... I painted the door insert pieces using Canyon Red interior paint from LMR.  I'd use stock pieces here if I could find them.  I suppose I could dye/paint the seats, but I don't have any desire to do that.  My plan is to keep all of the stock items in their original condition in the event I would somehow want to put it back ... however unlikely that is.  The factory Raven seats are two tone - Raven and Smoke color combo, but I'm kind of trying for something along the lines of the below using the stock seats (obviously in an older less sporty fashion ... ha!).  I did have to find a base model driver's seat out of a center console car though.  This will be used to swap the seat bases to avoid having to cut the consolette off of the original base.
User Rides / Re: New Addition
I think red lower dash,  center console, door inserts, and seats will look good with raven everything else.

Thanks.  Trying to decide if I want to go with Raven or Canyon Red armrests/speaker grates/map pockets now.

I'd go with raven. Leave the red just for the middle door insert.

That's the way I've been leaning, but trying to visualize it the other way.
User Rides / Re: New Addition
Started experimenting with the interior color combo a little.  As I mentioned before, I'm not a huge fan of red interior ... or at least not a full on red on red on red.  I do want to keep some of the stock-ness of the interior though, so here's what I'm toying with:

-Stock dash - Raven on top, Canyon Red below
-Upgrading to the high series door panels - messing with these now, thinking of going Raven as the base and then mixing in Canyon Red pieces (started with the inserts)
-Switch out to a Raven carpet
-Add a Canyon Red center console
-Keep the stock Canyon Red seats