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Misc Tech / Door latch & hinge interchange?
Do the 83-86 door latch's interchange with any other vehicle?  Will mustang hinges work?  Will the latch work if I use the rods from my t-bird?  Any one have to change there's out and use one from a different vehicle?
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Help please! WTB: 83 - 86 Drivers Side Door Latch & Hinges.
In need of a door latch and hinges for an 83-86.  Does not need to be power door lock.  I'm having to climb through the window or passenger side.  This is my daily driver please help.  Willing to pay a premium for these parts since none are in the yards around me.  Also I will consider a whole door if you have one.  Thanks for looking at my post.

T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / 1986 Thunderbird for parts
Quote from: Lodemia;459184
I'll let 83TB respond first, but if you don't find one, I have a parts car that I think I can snag one off of.

I'm not in a hurry for it.  Windows are up in the winter.  I'm interested in how much it would cost for your time and the part shipped to 43105.
Lounge / So lets catch up
I am looking to find the right home for my fox.  It's in the ad section of this website.  Would make a good project as ground effects are there.  Window dew wipes need replaced and front window seal.  A little front end work and she'll be golden.  Some surface rust but not terrible.  I'd like her to be indoors this winter.  I will bring it home Saturday to columbus ohio.  Askin 2000 cause of HCI, 5 speed, exhaust, A9L computer, fuel injected, mass air, 24 lb injectors. No interior needs complete recover.  All parts are there.  chipped!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!eleven!!
Body/Appearance/Interior / 84 Tbird window motors
To remove the motor only drill 3 holes where there are indentations in the door skin.  Those are directly lined up with the bolts on the window motor.  Drill it big enough to get a 1/4 inch extension in there and then put the extension through the hole and reach in and put on the socket.  Should be a 10mm.
Misc Tech / washer fluid bottles
I have the style that is mounted in the fender.  Car was originally an 84, 2.3 TC.  I found one on e-bay that was listed as a mustang one and it was an exact match.
Suspension/Steering / '83 upgraded to 87-88 TC front spindles ended up with extreme positive camber
I did the 11 inch brake conversion on my 84.  I ended up with extreme camber also.  I ended up ordering MM caster camber plates and was able to get it aligned.  I however believe the 11 inch conversion isn't meant to be because I now notice a lot of sway/sawing on the highway.

this is the thread I made about my experience.
User Rides / Rusty's Log
Some don't call it rust they call it patina.  Good luck with the repairs!
Body/Appearance/Interior / Drivers Door Dew Wipes
The steele rubber link shows these dimensions.  Those are not dew wipes at all but instead the piece that mounts on the door itself by the upper a-frame.  dew wipes are not available for purchuse anymore.
Body/Appearance/Interior / Drivers Door Dew Wipes
No one has really addressed this issue.  I called the company that use to make them for the Lincoln Mark VII and they could not verify if they ever did make them and didn't sound like they would be willing to make more.  The company was called Fairchild You're most likely going to have to fabricate your own or try to locate a parts car with good dew wipes, Lincoln Mark VII or T-bird/Cougar.

edit:  If someone has the belt weatherstrips off for measuring we could try to match it up to this page.