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Other Vehicles / F150/Expedition Seat Swap
Undertook a little project this past weekend.  The story begins back in Dec 2010 when I totaled my beloved '98 F150 Lariat truck.  Only had liability insurance, so I robbed every part off of it I thought was worth a dime, then scrapped the rest.  Took the leather Captain's Chairs out of it, thinking they'd sell in no time.  Forward to present time, still had the seats in the shed, never sold.  Recently bought an '01 Expedition Eddie Bauer from brother-in-law.  Power driver's seat motor had stripped-out gears, so seat was stuck in full backward position.  OK for me at 6'1", but wife couldn't reach pedals.  Yanked Expedition seat out, and dug out F150 seat from back of shed.  Took the frame/motor assembly off the F150 seat (this motor hasn't moved in over 8 years) and swapped to the Expy seat.  Wire harnesses were not the same.  Expy has the memory seat option, so there's a whole module under that seat that the F150 didn't have.  So I finally figured out how to connect the Expy harness into the F150 frame, and re-installed seat.  Plugged everything in, and started pushing buttons.  At first, I could hear motor trying to turn, but no front/rear motion.  Gave everything a good soaking with WD40, and slowly it started freeing up.  Still doesn't move super smoothly or quickly, but at least now I have front/rear motion, and the memory function is working.  I felt pretty proud.  But now wife is able to drive it!  Maybe I made a mistake.....
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Re: AOD Driveshaft and Pedal Assembly
Well, I found one of my items.  Plan to go tomorrow to get the clutch pedal assembly; $50 and includes an adjustable quadrant (not exactly sure what that means or if I'm saying it right, but I guess I'll learn soon).  Now I just need the 3.8 AOD driveshaft.  Somebody holler if you have one.  Thanks.
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Re: Ready for this one?
Dude, what a bad run of luck!  I guess it's a good idea to keep a donor car at all times.  Yeah, at some point you may want to let it go into semi-retirement.  I'm all about using a car up til it's got nothing left to give, but I guess there is a point where the money saved up front starts catching up with you.  I've got an '86 Cougar (to be on the road soon, I hope), an '01 Expedition, an '02 Focus, '03 Ram 1500, and an '05 Mountaineer.  I just calculated it; that comes to an average of 19.6 years old for my vehicles.  And the Cougar has by far the lowest miles.  Expy and Mountaineer are both 200k+.  Ram and Focus are each in the 170k range.  Cougar has 119k.  Good luck!
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / AOD Driveshaft and Pedal Assembly
As some of you advised me, I'm having a little trouble finding the parts I need for my 5sp install in my '86 Cougar.  I need an AOD driveshaft to go behind my T5.  My car came with the C5 trans, so my driveshaft is too long.  Hoping I can find one instead of cutting mine down.  I don't know if there's a length difference between AOD shafts from 3.8's and 5.0's??  Haystack told me an AOD shaft should go right in without having to cut it.

Also, can't seem to find a clutch pedal assembly from a Foxbody Mustang.  Had one located but didn't get it fast enough and he sold the whole car.  I thought Foxbody 'stangs were still everywhere, but my point of reference may be off slightly.

If anybody has either of these or can point me in the right direction, I'd greatly appreciate it.  Thanks.
LEADS on T-Bird/Cougar Stuff For Sale / Re: radio hvac bezel
Well, I guess I was wrong.  I thought I yanked more parts out of the '83 I had years ago.  Must not have took the radio bezel.  I do have a great set of upper trim (woodgrain) for the gauge cluster and the passenger side.  Sorry about that.  Later.
Archive & Library (Read Only) / Re: Sn-95 T-5 swap behind 3.8 Cougar/Bird How To.
Do you happen to remember the tooth-counts (colors) of both gears you used?  Maybe a better question is, what is the drive/driven gear ratio?  That'll let me know if either of the gears I already have can be re-used.  Thanks.

I've noted that suggestion.  Thanks as well.
Events & Shows / Re: Owensboro, KY. May 18, 2019
You probably mentioned this and I may have missed it, but were you able to get the right combo of speedo gears to have a functional speedometer?  In Claude's thread from way back, I seem to remember that he said the speedo discrepancy was just a given.  I'm hoping there's a way to get it back reasonably close.  Also, remembering some of the issues you had with your exhaust and all your custom pipework, would swapping to the 3.8 Mustang's headers alleviate any of that?  That's assuming I could find a set.  My goal is not any significant horsepower increases with the headers.  Just wondering if it would take care of any of the interferences you all talked about.  Thanks again as always.
Archive & Library (Read Only) / Re: Sn-95 T-5 swap behind 3.8 Cougar/Bird How To.
Found a pedal set from a '93 Mustang 2.3 for $40.  Does that price sound fair (I have to pull them myself)?  Gotta drive about 1.5 hrs to get them.  And, while I'm there, is there anything else off that car that's worthwhile to check on?  He's still got the cable, but I told him I won't be needing that (assuming I can find an SN95 cable).  I think he's got the bulk of the car still available.  Would his trans crossmember help me?  Or his driveshaft?  If I'm driving that far, I want to make the most of it.  Thanks again.
Archive & Library (Read Only) / Re: Sn-95 T-5 swap behind 3.8 Cougar/Bird How To.
Thanks for the info.  Assuming I can purchase the parts on CL that I found (the seller only provided an e-mail option for contact, and so far he hasn't acknowledged my message), it includes the SN95 T5 block plate.  He did not mention including the cable, but it wouldn't hurt to ask.  I found the '83 F100 clutch/pressure plate set on Autozone for like $120.  Haven't searched for the flywheel yet.  So the SN95 starter won't work for this application?  How many of your parts were picked from salvage and how many did you buy new?  I can see the total creeping on up if I have to buy many parts new at Autozone.  As always, thanks again for your assistance.
Archive & Library (Read Only) / Re: Sn-95 T-5 swap behind 3.8 Cougar/Bird How To.
Thanks Jeremy.  I just wanted to confirm that the imbalance of the 3.8 didn't change when coupled to different transmissions.  And you are also saying that the T5 is longer than my C5, so I'll need a shorter driveshaft?  Is there a driveshaft that's a direct fit, or will I have to have mine cut down?  It seems like an XR7 driveshaft from a 5sp would work, but I doubt I'll have any luck finding one of those.  Thanks again.
Archive & Library (Read Only) / Re: Sn-95 T-5 swap behind 3.8 Cougar/Bird How To.
If this was addressed and I missed it, I apologize.  The one reference I never saw was to the C5 trans, which is what my '86 GS 3.8 has.  It seems like everybody else who's done this swap had the AOD.  What is the proper imbalance for my application?  And how does the length of the C5 compare to an SN95 T5?  I hope I'm not the only one who's starting with the C5.  Thanks.
User Rides / Re: BlueBird
Loving the 200ci story so far!  I'm definitely gonna follow it.  What will you put it in?  A few years ago, I found an '85/'86 XR7 on Ebay or CL that had been transplanted with a 200 I6 and automatic.  I feel certain it was not done as an upgrade, but rather as the guy putting together what was left when he stole the turbo 4 and 5-speed out of it and put them in his early-80's Mustang (guessing here, but it makes sense to me).  I'd love to see a forced air 200.

Hey, on the original topic of the 3.8/T5 swap; must the flywheel come from an '83 F150?  The parts ad I found on CL for a T5 from a 3.8 Mustang included the flywheel from the donor (and I have no idea what tooth-count or weight it is).  What finally determines the correct flywheel for the application?  Is it just making sure the flywheel chosen goes with the starter you're going to use?  Or is there a magic number on the tooth-count and imbalance?

Thanks again for your (and everyone else's) help.