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Lounge / Shadow....UPDATE ..
Quote from: Haystack;388673
Funny how his internet randomly started quitting, but I'll bet he has been on every other forum. Shadow is 25, my age, and he has a honda. He also sells "custom" turbo kits for them, as well as asking how to do tune ups.

So, if I have this correctly: He mutilates S-10's, asks for help on Honda forums on how to do tune-ups yet sells turbo kits for them,and screws nice COMPETENT people on the board, even though they've probably saved him thousands in repair work. His mom sends his mail (and probably does his laundry still) and his internet provider is less stable than the Middle East. Nice. Sounds like a bro.
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Racecar
Those are pretty cool! I know you live in Australia so you may not know, but Fox birds were used in Nascar for a while. In fact, the current high speed record that was set in 1987 was set by a Fox bird (Bill Elliot). (if you knew bad)
Lounge / sayonara
I had no idea those trails were so close to my parents house! I'm gonna have to go out there one day..