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User Rides / Re: My two birds
Nice birds.   But the Turbocoupe should be under cover and the minivan out in the rain!
Site Suggestions / IE 11 Locked Out?
So Internet Explorer 11 will no longer open the site? I guess the update rendered us old school fucks obsolete.
Electrical Tech / Heater mower jus stopped fuse not blown
Work backwards from the blower.  Find that first connector behind the glovebox coming from the blower and apply battery voltage there to verify the blower will run.  If it does, go to the blower resistor or blower contol on ATC.  Finally, check the connector on the back of the blower speed switch, the high current has been known to melt the connector and cause an intermittent connection.
Lounge / Happy thanksgiving!!!
Quote from: vinnietbird;452564
Yeah, somebody had to be the one to post it. Happy Thanksgiving all you guys. I appreciate you all. Have a great Holiday. Now, Christmas is just around the corner!!!

Back at ya Vinnie!..  Everyone be safe on the roads, watch out for the drunken knuckleheads.