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Engine Swapping / Accufab Long Tube Header Part#: BT330 Fit?
I have an TFS 290 headed 429 that's about to go in my 87 Cougar. I have a Maximum Motorsports K member that's going in also. I was going to go with D&D headers but Bob texted me that he does not offer for that year/model car and I've read about the  Hookers having fit problems. Has anyone tried the Accufab headers? If so how did they fit? Thanks in advance . Rick
User Rides / 20" Rims
I have pics with the rims on but I can't seem to upload them.
User Rides / 20" Rims
Does anyone have 20 inch rims on their car? I was thinking about getting some but would like to see pics first.
Suspension/Steering / will these wheels fit my Bird?
Quote from: ThunderbirdSport302;395508
The '96+ spindles will put your wheels out 1/4" to 3/8" more than '94-'95 spindles would.

(Vinnie's Sport is still 4 lug...)

Suspension/Steering / will these wheels fit my Bird?
Quote from: vinnietbird;391924
I believe my 17x9 front wheels are 20mm offset. Not sure about the rear wheels. I looked them up on Ebay, and they only show the backspacing as 20mm. Maybe the rear is the same.....maybe not. The lip on the ones you're looking at appear to be bigger than mine for the rear. It's hard to tell, though. The listing for wheels like mine didn't mention how deep the rear wheels were, although when I bought them, the listing was different, and had greater detail, and the offset of both wheels. For some reason, 19 and 20mm offset comes to mind, but it's been a while and I'm not 100% sure.

Hey Vinnie what front spindles do you have on your car? I have an 87 Cougar with 96-04 spindles and those wheels stick out too far (at least 1-1.5")