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General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Re: 3D Printable parts library
Yeah, this is a fantastic idea. I have zero CAD experience but a list as long as my arm of parts that should be reproduced for these vehicles. One day I might tinker with stuff.

First and foremost, we need 1:24 scale models of all years 1983-88 Thunderbird and Cougar. ;)
Body/Appearance/Interior / Re: Interior paint
You have a Regatta Blue interior (1985 Ford code B). I have tried pre-made interior spray paint from LMR in that same color and did not find it to be a good match. It wasn’t really close. Haven’t really looked for other pre-made colors in other brands.

I have a page dedicated to refinishing an interior here:

You won’t get a better match than getting automotive interior lacquer mixed up and put in a spray can. The color and sheen are factory style and of excellent quality. As long as you prep things correctly it will last a long time.

Electrical Tech / Re: Where can I buy a 83 cougar sending unit..
My '84 has two pumps. The changeover was 1985 when Ford used a single, in-tank pump. Some people do a conversion in their earlier cars (and tbh, I'll probably do that as well). That might be another option.

Size-wise, the tanks were 20.6 gallons from 1983 through 1985. Then it went to 22.1 gallons for 1986-88.
Body/Appearance/Interior / Re: Door Latch Strikers
So a few years ago I spent some crazy money on NOS door strikers for the ‘84. These are the ones without the metal surround, just the striker bolt with sleeve and permanent washer. Installed fine, no issues. A week later I opened the driver’s door and the grey plastic sleeve disintegrated. A day or two later the passengers side did the same.

Went to the parts store, got two new Dorman strikers with the metal surround and replaceable sleeves, and all is well. They’re technically not correct for the car but they work great, they are future proof, and they proved that sometimes NOS is not the way to go.

There are two different sizes for Fords. Our cars did indeed use the shorter ones.
Electrical Tech / Re: Need help tracking down a wire.
@softtouch, in the Quick Reply below, click the 'Preview' button. It will take you to a new page where you can reply and also add images at the bottom. The board software will add the image(s) inline.
Body/Appearance/Interior / Re: Seat Covers
For some people it might work, especially if they're doing a color change. And having them pre-made saves a little money. Just throwing it out there as an option.

To get a truer color match then upholstery shops are the way to go but they'll be more money in most cases. And that's if they can get a close enough color...I ran into that a few times. There was only one light blue headliner color the shop had for my '84; I got lucky as it was dead-on to the original. Color selection for older cars is getting homogenized now.
Suspension/Steering / Re: NEW 10 hole wheels
Yeah, radio delete. It's been a minute since I've seen an actual antenna delete plate like that.

The T-Bird...they're from Illinois, not sure if they're on the board or FB (Loren Peterson). The previous owner did all kinds of mods, like filled in some of the body seams--including the rear quarter panel-to-roof seam. Yeah, it flexed and the seam was popping a little bit. I was like, "That dude had some balls of steel!" Otherwise it was clean and still had most of the unique '83 bits. Actually all the cars under the Fox featured tent were in great shape, very friendly owners, we had a good time.
Suspension/Steering / Re: NEW 10 hole wheels
I saw the Keystone-refinished rims and repro Goodyear Gatorback VR's on a car last weekend at Carlisle; it was a 35K-mile original 1986 Mustang GT in awesome shape. He paid a LOT of money to be factory correct.

You know something? It was worth every penny. Looked like a brand-new car thanks to the correct factory rims and tires. I mean, it was a true back-in-the-day experience.

For a daily driver this rim/tire combo makes zero sense. But for show cars...YASSS QUEEN.  :roxor: