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Body/Appearance/Interior / Re: Project Evolution *** Project Complete **** Wednesday July 9, 2014
I was notified by photobucket that they will be deleting 100s of pics from my accounts by june. I imagine many of the pics on this thread will be gone.... Looks like an end of an era.... Anybody interested in this thread can click the print with pictures, and save as a PDF to your computer..... The file size is 437mb.

Thanks for all your support
Misc Tech / Odd Battery is Odd.....
my cougars and van will not start if sitting for 4 or more weeks....I have battery tenders on them all the time when parked
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / O2 harness needed
Quote from: Skunk;459713
You can re-pin any harness to match your application so I wouldn't limit your search to the SD versions.

Good luck

Ive been looking... I like to work with the forum first when I can
Body/Appearance/Interior / aftermarket fenders
I've used aftermarket fenders in the past on various vehicles... like Eric said lot of tweaking. They are also thinner than oem.. I would only use them on something that you dont want to keep forever... it may be cheaper stripping your old ones in the long run
Body/Appearance/Interior / Convertible Conversion??
the frame under my vert is a 3x4 U....if I jack up the car anywhere...the top ends of the door jamb will open up so I can see through's just a big steel noodle of a car. still going to try to fix that problem