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Engine Tech / Re: Build approval someone please!
When my car had GT40P heads I had no problem getting to any of the plugs using a spark plug socket and a box end wrench on the end of the socket instead of a ratchet. I ran Ford Racing GT40P headers with the GT40P heads.

I'm sure you had no problems, you were lucky enough to get the Special Headers.  I cant find those ford pieces anymore.

I wont use the crappy MAC P headers, for their crazy price.
Engine Tech / Re: '88 2.3T breaking up
When I had my 2.3T, I put a Walbro 255lph on it and was done with it.  What brand is your pump?  Do you have a way to watch your fuel pressure when its happening?  I hooked a pressure gauge to rail and taped it to the windshield so I could watch it for testing purposes.