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User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
Just to clear the air and so y'all know. I can be insanely impulsive. I had been trying to contact Fitech for about a week and couldn't get ahold of anybody until last Friday for a warranty claim they said that they would get back to me with the information to ship it back. Fuming about all this I ordered a sniper 650 kit and dual sync distributor and necessary bits to make that system all that it could be. As of today the car runs and drives again. Sniper system is very user friendly and TONS of info online.

Guess what? Still no response from fitech.

Took it to the local cars and coffee this morning. And no issues
User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
Hopefully. It's 1 year warranty is up Friday. If they dont do anything its getting sniped.
User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
And apparently after installing the new msd box and 3 stage retard and msd distributor the fitech decided it was going to die. I installed the new parts pretty straight forward had a noisy tach signal. Ok isolate the tach signal wire away from all the goodies. Starts and runs for about 30 seconds handheld loses power and froze. Threw all 8 injector codes, wide band code, fuel pump relay code, even kept running the fuel pump after the key was off. Isolated the key on power and routed it straight to the battery for testing purposes. Nothing. Start fire run about 30 seconds and die. That was Friday. Spent all day Saturday re wiring things and testing stuff same outcome. Swapped the 6a box back in, same deal.

I'm going to call fitech Monday and see about sending it in and getting it checked and refurbished.

It's been great up until this point, it's had its ups and downs. But its been having some issues on and off the whole time as well. Maybe this will fix it, maybe it won't.

I have a back up plan if it doesnt. We shall see.
User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
I did a thing yesterday and ordered all the stuff to upgrade the ignition stuff that I've personally had for 10+ years and it was all old when I got it. The craptastic mallory unilite distributor is going the wayside for a msd pro billet, the 6a box is getting swapped out for a digital 6al, the cheapo canister coil is getting replaced with a blaster coil, the Taylor wires are old and due for a replacement as well. Since I've been driving it more and more lately I've noticed it runs great up until a certain point then seems to fall out like its losing spark at certain rpms. Most if not all the ignition equipment on this car is seemingly past its expiration date. I think the 6a box is from the early 2000's and the unilite is from the same vintage. Only reason I had it on the car in the first place is cause I had it and it worked.

Plus I needed to have all my ducks in a row for the NX Gemini plate I just ordered :headbang:
User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
A couple pictures out in the daylight. With the trunklid and spoiler on too. She got an attitude adjustment.
User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
Its a 5" cowl. I plan on some boost later on. I just want the real estate right now that and Its only 20 lbs. Stupid light. The box they shipped it in weighs about as much as the hood.

And it looks sinister. A little less freedom chicken every day.
User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
Ive had this car since June 26th last year and haven't given it a proper bath. So I took her to the pay and spray and hosed her off real good. Detailed the interior a bit, and cleaned the windows. It's clean-ish lol
User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
I'll have to do something like that.  I got the line lock in that panel on a toggle switch right now it's not great but it works. I gotta dig through my treasure trove of parts and see if I have another system sentry panel I could modify. All down the road of course.  Señor Giggle isn't happening this year but soon. So I can scope out ideas.

All thats left for this year is to get my hood out of corona-tine and make it all ones color for the time being and possibly get the windows tinted. My pecking list is getting pretty short for 2020.
User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
The more I drive it the better it gets! And with it being tri-tone with this retarded hood it pulls a great deal of attention going down the road. I love it.

It has a slight traction control issue though  :dunno:
User Rides / Re: Chuck's '83 TBird
Little speed bumps pave the way unfortunately but, that's half the fun. They like to tease us.

Car looks phenomenal as always, glad to see it got some street time. Even if it was only a few miles.