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User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
No real progress to speak of, I got to find a better ground spot for my battery and figure out why the 3g alt isn't charging. I wired it the same way I did on the old car. I havent taken the alt in to be tested yet either. Its been a pretty busy week with barely any time to work on the car. I'm prepping for the October 5th track day at Muncie I should have everything sorted out by then.
User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
I'll have to get back with you on that one, I didn't put a ton of drive time on it. I put a couple miles on it but. Not enough to really open it up. Just enough to see that is doesn't bind any.

As for tail pipes, thats a big hell no. Driver side will fit no problem. Passenger side will require some major magic with a mandrel bender. It could go up over the axle and immediately make a 90* bend the almost immediately make another then out the back. That's just to much for me. And with the tires I have in the rear its stupid close anyway. Entirely not worth it. I may later down the road when I get tired of my mac mufflers or when I build the next motor and step up the exhaust to 3" go the way of side exit in front of the rear tire but dumps work for now

Edit: I also still have to put the sway bar on. Then the suspension will be completely done. Aside from some camber tweaks. Cause the guy that did my alignment put smaller bolts in the upper strut mount holes to get more camber put of it before realizing I had cc plates. So the inside of the front right tire is rubbing the coilovers something fierce after the suspension settled more
User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
Well the main frame is in. I gotta run it around the block and get the suspension settled then I can put the actual bar in. It would be pretty tight around the passenger side tank mount. No tail pipes for this guy
Engine Tech / Re: Build approval someone please!
Leave the bottom end alone if it's solid. Put your cam of choice in it and go. The only thing you'll have to do is swap the pan. Know which engine you get I dont remember the years but the gt40s came on one and gt40ps came on another and the spark plug angles change. Just a minor headache changing plugs if you buy non p headers
User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
I got the radiator and fans in just need to hook the fans up and add a temporary trans cooler.

I got the t5 put back together as well
User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
I snagged a relay box from a 05 f150. I have no idea what it was for on the truck, but it houses 2 big relays 2 small relays and 3 or 4 mini fuses. A fuse for each fan and a relay for each fan. For right now im going to have the relays wired up to a switched ground. The fitech will control them through the ground side very temporarily just to get me through the rest of the season.

The fans themselves are only 3 1/2" deep from the floor to the top of the motors. And spaced well enough that the water pump is right between them with 3 or so inches to spare unlike my 16" single fan with the aluminum shroud which was like 5 1/2" deep and smack in the middle of the radiator and about a hair away from touching the water pump. I'll take more pictures as I go. I got some materials today to attach it to the radiator and scored a freebie tranny cooler.

My goal is to take this turd down the track once before it closes to get a rough baseline granted its just a stocker 5.0/aod with 4.10s but I'm sure all the weight savings and suspension parts will get it down the line and off the line fairly quick. I'm hoping it hooks nice and gets a relatively quick 60'. I'm hoping for high 14's maybe
User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
I hit up pick a part this morning and scored a set of focus fans and they fit surprisingly well. They will be going in pretty soon also along with my radiator
User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
For a $600 Midwestern car. I'll deal with it.

PHB is on its way finally. So sometime next week I'll have that then the suspension mods will be coming to a close aside from sfcs seat braces and torque box stuff