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Lounge / covid in my household..
My girlfriend's son (he's 6), just got a positive covid test result. We're all in quarantine now, and the likely vector is Mason's dad, he had it, as did his girlfriend.

My girl took the test along with Mason, but she's negative. I'm going next Tuesday to get tested along with my 4 kids...

So far none of us have had any symptoms, except for a low grade fever here and there, and me, Samantha, and my ex have all had some pretty major headaches that lasted 2 or 3 days. I have had a slight chest pain that lasted a few days but is gone now. I'm just tired.

I'm willing to bet I'm positive. I just haven't felt as strong as I normally do.

Anyone else here had or have it? Hopefully nobody else gets's really fucking up everything.

Stay well people. Be safe too. :)
Lounge / Re: Who has guns?
Yup. Can't find ANY goddamned 9mm or 45 anywhere. I have shit tons of .40 from when that one guy was in charge and shit was stupid...I'd pick up a box or two every week just to save back...and now I don't have any .40 guns.

Thinking about a generic AR10 build. Just gonna stick with .308 as it's stupidly common everywhere, and it'll kill deer. Plus shitheads who want to invade my farm...talking about the 4 legged kind...and possibly the 2 legged variety.

"To secure to prepare for war."

Stay safe, y'all. It's gonna get worse before it will get better..

Lounge / Re: I may be returning sooner then I thought
Hope ya end up with it!

I'm searching for an '88 Sport (or even V8 LX) myself. HAS to be an '88, and has to have a very nice body, no rust.

I have settled for too many shitbag cars in the past, this time I want one that doesn't need body work, It's gonna get an rngine and trans update and that is it, well, brakes/suspension, but nothing else.

Have a lot going on with the house, and all but keeping an eye for the car all the same..
Engine Tech / Re: Holley Terminator X
I'm sure you've already had the sentiment, but glad you guys weren't in the 'Bird. Very doubtful you'd have gotten out of it without much more injury, if at all. :-O
User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
I'm really leaning this way for the '84...I've decided to go 32v. Gumby's thread and now your info with the efi stuff has settled it for me.

It's the interior of that car that's the biggest hurdle. The dash is gone, and the headliner and rear plastic is all that's there. I have it all, minus the dash of course.

Suspension/Steering / Re: Springs for V8
I've also heard of using the Mach 1 springs with decent results. Honestly, I'd expect them to be similar to the Cobra springs in terms of loaded ride height..
Suspension/Steering / Re: Springs for V8
I had that exact same set in my '87 coupe...still sat too high. I got them, plust a fuck-ton of other parts as a package deal from a friend. Not sure if they're for a Fox stang or an SN95...but the other day I clipped a coil n' a half off of the rears and got mine to sit as I wanted it (in the rear).. "Mine" is an '87 LX Stang...I wouldn't run Fox springs in an Aerobird. I'd go with SN95. FWIW, I had a set of '97 GT springs in my Tbird Sport. It was an inch or so lower than the stock ride height, roughly. I still have 'em.....
Suspension/Steering / Re: Springs for V8
No, if you'ver never unbolted the 4 bolts that hold both control arms to the k member, that torquing while the front is loaded isn't valid.

What struts did you put on?

TC front springs with a V8 will drop the height just a bit. Do you have the V8? Just trying to cross a coupla things off the list.. ;)
Suspension/Steering / Re: Springs for V8
X2 on not fully tightening the FCA bolts until the car is loaded on the front. Preferably something level.. ;)
User Rides / Re: '87 Mustang
I'd like to stuff a Coyote into my Explorer (the 06), but honestly, a Powerstroke Excursion is making much more sense. Then when one looks at the cost might be better to locate a Coyote package and do that LOL.

Diesel Excursions aren't fucking cheap, even ones with 200K or more. Holy shit, talk about holding their value. Keep in mind the newest Excursion now is 15 years old.....