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Misc Tech / Re: Semi-broken front seats and hood latching issue
The seat thing is the infamous "Fox Lean". Your seat back frame is broken. The hood latch thing could be a seized latch (try slobbering it with penetrating fluid and manually working it to free it up), or a bad cable (make sure the release handle returns to the rest position by itself without pushing on it).
Electrical Tech / Re: does your car stay running without a battery?

This can cause voltage spikes that can instantly destroy electronics including radios, engine computers, actuators and sensors.

If you've got a 1960 VW Beetle go ahead and pull a battery cable off. Do not do it with any more modern car. Even a non-EFI car has electronics somewhere.
LEADS on T-Bird/Cougar Stuff For Sale / Re: Odd T-bird on Craigslist
If somebody took all the TC stuff off and made a base car, they did their homework, because they even swapped the window trims and side trims over (TC's don't have chrome).

More likely, the guy swapped a few TC parts onto a base Bird, and listed this car with the VIN from the TC donor. There is also the possibility that he doesn't have a title for the base car and is using the donor's VIN on it. Whatever the case, I'd want to find out about it before buying that car...
Lounge / Re: Welcome To The New Board!
A little bit of an update: In order to stop that "This page is trying to load unsafe scripts" error from happening every time I visited the site I had to go in and edit my bookmark. I changed HTTPS to HTTP and all is good now
Lounge / Re: Welcome To The New Board!
So my first post on the new platform after several days of not having the forum load correctly (it was loading in HTML mode, like it was missing a bunch of data, something that used to happen a lot when I lived in the country and was using dialup). Just got back from the cottage and noticed an exclamation point in the address bar of Chrome saying "This page is trying to load unsafe scripts". Being the trusting individual that I am, especially where Eric and Baxo are concerned, I clicked "Load anyway" and, lo-and-behold, here I am!

Looks great, guys. Wish I could have done something to help but, contrary to what Eric said about my internet connection, it's not internet speed that is the problem (though when this all started going down it was, because it was hunting season and I was spending most of my time at the cottage, where internet is even more of a luxury than indoor plumbing  :mullet: ). It's mainly my lack of knowledge about anything internet related that came after 1998 or so (and even back then I could only do basic HTML).

Anyway, thank you Eric and Baxo and everyone else who made this happen. I had been growing concerned about what might happen with this forum due to my lack of knowing how to run it anymore, and you guys really stepped up. We're in good hands now.
Body/Appearance/Interior / Manual side mirrors
My first T-Bird had manual mirrors. Or, rather, manual mirror. It did not have a passenger side mirror. It had no options except metallic paint. Carb'd 3.8, Manual mirror, manual windows & seats, no cruise, no A/C, AM/FM radio (no cassette), no spoked hubcaps. Not even a front plate mount. The switch plate in the consolette was bare. It did have the rear window defogger but those were standard equipment here in Canada.
Lounge / Post your Christmas loot.
Quote from: Haystack;468455
I got the harbor freight lithium jump box. Haven't used it for much more then charging a phone just to see if it worked.

We will see how it holds up.

We had a bunch of them at the Honda dealership I used to work at, for boosting the new cars that had been sitting on the lot for a while. They work awesome, as long as the car starts. If it's a car that's hard to start they will die pretty quickly. I'm gonna get one to keep in my ATV.
Lounge / Post your Christmas loot.
From the husband: Front & rear dash cam for the Mustang, a bunch of books (he's going to nursing school right now so we agreed to keep the gifts on the "light" side)
From the parents: $100 Amazon gift card and a $50 Princess Auto gift card (kind of like a Canadian version of Harbour Freight). Amazon card has already been spent on electrical stuff (connectors, soldering iron, stuff).
From my sister (which was a huge shock, we've never exchanged gifts between siblings): $25 Bass Pro Shops/Cabela's gift card. She got it for me because I've done so much work for her and her husband

Birthday present (day after Christmas): Rechargeable LED light on a stand for shining up onto the underside of a car while working on it
Body/Appearance/Interior / Water in drivers side floor. Whodunit?
Might be the windshield glue has failed. This happened in my 88, the only thing holding the windshield in was the chrome trim. Actually came in handy, because I discovered it when I was taking the glass out to paint the car, and the windshield just popped out. Stand next to the car with the window open, reach in, and push out on the corners of the windshield. If it moves at all the glue has failed and it'll have to be removed and reinstalled.