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Suspension/Steering / Re: Body flex
Hey Shawn here are the connectors that I have....

Subframe Connectors, Crossbar style for 1979-2000 Mustang, zinc finishSubframe Connectors, Crossbar style for 1979-2000 Mustang, zinc finish

HPM Crossbar Subfame Connectors are one of the first components to add to improve the structural integrity and longevity of your vehicle. These connectors are constructed of 1-1/4" x 2" 14 gauge tubing for high torsional strength without sacrificing ground clearance. installation is accomplished by bolting the crossbars to the chassis and welding the ends to the vehicles' subframes. HPM does not build, sell, install, or recommend bolt-in designs for any application. For a stronger and easier installation these connectors are contoured to match the floorpan and subframes. A vast improvement will be noticed in the 'tightness' of the car over uneven surfaces and during extreme maneuvers

Suspension/Steering / Re: Body flex
It's been so long, I don't remember the company. I know they were for 79-93 Mustang, they had the seat braces but I trimmed those off. Other than that they lined up great on my Cougar. I talk with my son and see if he remembers. :D
Suspension/Steering / Re: Body flex
You will be "very" happy when you install subframe connectors. You cannot beleive the difference those make in these cars!!! One of the best upgrades. I had a set of Mustang ones on my 87 XR7, and it was atotally different car afterwards. :D
Body/Appearance/Interior / Re: Paint on moldings
I’ve been told repeatedly that the paint won’t stick, and that first time someone hits it with a door it will crack and start to flake off?

Kinda funny being as the 88 XR7s came with painted mouldings from the factory. :D
Lounge / Oooh Eric....
someone posted this on the old board...

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Reply  1986 Mercury Cougar Convertible (Black)
 FOR SALE - 1986 Mercury Cougar Convertible (Black) New paint, transmission and tires. Great condition! Only 76 cars were customized with the convertible tops. 2 years away from being historical. $6,000. 740.522.9797 Located near Columbus, OH 
Engine Tech / Re: 5.0
Quote from: crystal

I unbolted the whole system (1 bolt on each head) cut all the excessive pipe off, welded the holes where I cut the pipes, and only bolted the small plates back on over the holes in the heads. If you go that route, make sure you cover the hole completely or your car will sound like a truck ;) It'd probably be easier to line up if you left the cross bar in back.

You can also unbolt it and cut the pipes off, then flip it around and bolt it on the heads backwards to block off the holes. No welding required. :D