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Electrical Tech / Re: 20th anni a9l swap
You would assume by the age of 88 I would have learned not to assume shit.
The Clutch cruise control "safety cancel switch" is a separate unit.
Base part number: 9F645
Electrical Tech / Re: 20th anni a9l swap
This will also work.
 It gives you two ways to start and use the memory seat if one of the switches fails.
It satisfies the pin 30 requirements.
Electrical Tech / Re: 20th anni a9l swap
I think you should check that switch with an ohmeter to see if they open and close together. Or is one open when the other is closed.
Electrical Tech / Re: 20th anni a9l swap
Yes pin 46 looks safe the way you have diagramed it.
To select a memory seat position you will need, key-on and push the clutch. Since you don't have the NSS switch that is closed in park.
I can't find any diagrams that have two clutch switches that close when the pedal is pushed.
One is for the cruise and it opens when the clutch is pushed.
What car are your pedals from?
Electrical Tech / Re: 20th anni a9l swap
i know i have no voltage to pin 30 when in run or crank so i can get away with not doing any wiring at all but would love everything to work like it could have been stock
No voltage on pin 30 in crank agrees with the 87 EVTM. There is no BR/W wire from the ignition switch to pin 30. In fact pin 30 is not shown at all on the ECU.
Your drawing agrees with the 88 EVTM. BR/W wire from the ignition switch to pin 30. Here you will have 12v on pin 30 while cranking.

i traced the wires out on a physical harness ( 87 cougar ls auto)  from ecu to end points for both pins

My plan was to cut the brown white wire (30) at the ignition switch, bypass it and wire them in parallel with the clutch and ngs , then return them to pin (46)

i was going to splice the red  blue wire between the ignition switch and nss switch wiring and run them to the other clutch switch  and connect them to the white pink (ngs) to complete the circuit for starting.
  Can't wrap my head around all this. Are you planning to use the spare harness or modify the one in the car?

The "other" clutch switch is to put the cruise control in "stand by" mode. The same as pushing the brake pedal does.  The starter switch is N/O, closes when pedal is pushed. The cruise switch is N/C, opens when pedal is pushed.

Bottom line is, don't hook anything to pin 46 that can have a voltage on it. This is the logic ground for the ECU electronics.
Like anytime you hook voltage to ground, something has got to blow. In this case it won't be a fuse or fuse link it will be the ECU.
Electrical Tech / Re: 20th anni a9l swap
The memory seat uses the starter relay ground so you cannot select a seat setting with the transmission engaged.
You got to be in park, neutral or have the clutch pushed in.
Wouldn't want a short person to accidently move the seat back so they couldn't reach the pedals while tooling down the highway at 80 MPH.
Electrical Tech / Re: 20th anni a9l swap
Where oh where do we get the ground from?
This area of wiring you are in has always been confusing.
Your diagram does not have the ECU killing mistake in it.

Some ECUs want to have ground on pin 30 when the transmission is in neutral or the clutch pedal is pushed in.
I think it is used for idle control with no transmission load on the engine.
The ground comes from the starter relay. When you are not cranking the engine and the trans is in neutral or the clutch is pushed in, the circuit to the relay is at ground. This is because the other side of the relay coil is grounded.

Some cars use pin 46 for the pin 30 ground. Pin 46 is the ECU signal return circuit for various sensors. If you wind up with pin 46 and the starter relay circuit tied together you blow out the sig rtn printed circuit in the ECU when you crank the engine.
The starter relay circuit goes to 12v with the ignition switch in start.

Posting a 93 Mustang pic where they use the starter relay ground for auto trans and pin46 for manual trans.
Engine Tech / Re: No start, no fuel pump prime...
The pump running with the test connector jumpered to ground tells us:
1. The eec power relay is working. (the relay you hear clicking)
2. The inertia switch is not tripped.
3.The fuel pump relay is working.
4. The fuel pump is working.
 What aint working is the EEC providing the ground for the fuel pump relay.
Try starting with the test connector running the pump.
Pull codes.
Lounge / Re: Trying to force check engine light
My situation was, my analog temp gauge was slow to warm up and sometimes cooled down when up to speed.
My EVTM shows the same sensor feeds both the gauge and the PCM.
When the PCM sets a check engine light it records the freeze frame data.
I can readout the freeze frame data with my OBD code reader and coolant temp is part of that data.
I wanted to force the check engine light so I could see if the PCM agreed with the gauge that the coolant temp was low.

I finally gave up trying to be clever  and just replaced the thermostat and everything is good.
Lounge / Re: Reuse steeringwheel bolt?
Yeah, I cleaned up the old bolt and put loctite on it.
But the '01 Merc GM uses a Torx bolt.I wasn't happy to see that.
I broke a few Torx sockets(Bits?) on the brake calipers on the '84 TBird.
User Rides / Re: Chuck's '83 TBird
Try disconnecting the SPOUT wire to shift the timing to basic.
The rotor and cap plug wire posts alignment may be off.
If you are operating on the hairy edge, moving the timing may make it better or worse.