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Anyone done a wire tuck on a CFI 84?

I'm in the process of starting it on mine and want to remove these solenoids.  I know the one with the blue vacuum hose is for the idle air.  But the rest are all  emissions puppies right?

Re: Anyone done a wire tuck on a CFI 84?

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Just noticed the pic is for a 3.8. Don't see a pic for the 5.0.
The 3.8 has 5 solenoids and your 5.0 has 6.

I think your 6th solenoid is the throttle kicker.
Getting late, I'll look at it more tomorrow.

Re: Anyone done a wire tuck on a CFI 84?

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Thanks man. Figured thats what they were. 

Re: Anyone done a wire tuck on a CFI 84?

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More pics.


Re: Anyone done a wire tuck on a CFI 84?

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yes all emissions.
to cap off and delete, notice the main vac source line being red and a "T" to the round canister near by.  that canister i believe needs to stay put.
follow your vac line sticker and you will see the colors are going to be in line with what all your years of experience tell you
for instance the white and black are smog,, the green being EGR, red being the main vac source, the orange if i recall correctly ends up at the map and at that intake mounted vac diaphram that is totally in the way of a couple intake bolts.

i suggest you lift off the CFI / EGR spacer and chip away at the carbon deposits.  Especially on the base of the CFI where the large gold fitting is on the rear drivers side.

also note that the CFI came factory with and adjustable fuel pressure regulator.  OEM came with a small freeze plug on top that when drilled out and removed, reveals an allen screw.  aftermarket ones "sometimes" had an allen head with a plastic plug to pop out.

one more step to rid yourself of that pita typical CFI issue of hesitation is to rid yourself of the injector screens.  purchase from tractor  supply the same kind of final filtration system if you like with the 1'' long 1/4'' dia "slip into your line" screen filter.  these are found on older carb tractors.  just slip it up inside your fuel inlet fitting on the rear of the CFI.