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I have been coming to the old message board for about a little over a year, and i have just had some stuff in my head that i want to get out.
    I drive a 1997 ford explorer now and i love it very much but, there is nothing quite like sliding behind the drivers seat of your thunderbird, or cougar, that can be rivaled. From the moment that you start the engine to the moment you get to your destination, is so exciting. The looks of either the fox body cat or bird is one of the most beautiful things to see, and to show another car be it a mustang, or camaro, your taillights is one of the greatest feelings of your life. Just sitting still the bird seems to fly, and the cat seems to run.

    Coming here during the last year has been a time of enjoyment, from the funny give and take between the members, to the actual caring about other people on the board is so real, and i understand that many of you actually know each other, and that is what makes this place so nice. No matter if the question someone has is big or small, they can always get help by either the veterans of the board or the new people. It is all about helping and appreciating one of the most underated cars in history.

    I have a cougar. It is a 20 anniversary, but from some bad choices in life and running it hard, lets just say she needs some tlc. Maybe it is the fact that i have been without my cougar for 3 months, or the fact that hindsight is 20-20, and i have learned that certain things are not to be taken for granted. I miss my cat. I went to were she is at and got her out for an hour, and it was sad, to see her in the state she is now. She still drives great, and has alot of potential. Just to be behind the wheel and listen to her purr as we raced down the highway is a time for reflection. I have learned my lessons in life and will have her back up to better than ever.

  I guess my whole point of this random post is that the genuine love that everyone had in moving this board is real, this is a time of new beginnings, and a time for things to happen. Everyone has a difference of opinions, and everyone will favor either one brand or another, but on the last board towards the end there was alot of bickering about stupid issues. People taking things the wrong way, and someones brand over another, or what happened in their life. Just remember that we are using the internet as a medium. We can not always perceive the way that you mean something, or you might interpret the way someone types something the wrong way, it is over the web it is not face to face.  We are human and we are different, but lets not forget the one thing that brings us back here is the love of the Thunderbird, and the Cougar.

    So that is all i can think of, i know this has been just an insanely long post, but i needed to say it, i want to say thank you to eric, thunderchicken, and everyone else who has ever posted on this board, you have all brought a smile to my face, and a bit of sadness to me after hearing about the loss of someones car or something that happened to their family or in their life.

    So that last paragraph may hit a few nerves, and make certain people mad, i could even get flamed on this post, but if you see things different thats fine, its all about diversity. But if you feel the need Flame On.


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as much as i hate to be all emotional and mushy about things over the internet, ive have every one of those thoughts, and even with my car, ive been abusing it and taking it for granted, but i still get that awesome feeling walking up to it in the parking lot, that excited feeling when someone notices it on the street and stares, when someone says "thats nice for an older car", we dont get the same looks as mustangs, or camaros or vettes, we dont get the same comments, and its something i love about these cars

even this community is one in its own, it seems that rather than just coming here to discuss cars and leaving it at that, most of us have built friendships, and even at times made new family members, i met a really good friend of mine over the forums, and he's almost like family now, you dont get that from mustang boards, it seems to be a more abrasive crowd who is self centered

its also amazing the diversity of the people that visit here, we have black members, white members, confused members, indian, mexican, we have the works, and ive never seen one racial slur between the members, every so often youll see a friendly joke and never anyone taking offense to that, which is a beautiful thing, you say anything remotely rude on a mustang board, you have a 5 page thread being called ignorant and names worse than what you called the person originally

basically, it comes down to saying, this community is unlike any other, and im truly happy to be a part of it
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