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Suspension/Steering / Clunk/bind in steering wheel
I have a spot on the steering wheel the binds till you put a little force into her then you feel a clunk. I checked it out and it seems to be comming from the shaft that links the steering column to the steering rack. Ford does not have new ones and the junk yard has no 87-88 tbirds in there. What can I do to fix this? It seems to be the small u joint in that shaft.
Suspension/Steering / Cutting springs...Bad idea or...?
I swapped in 5.0L mustang coils with 1 coil cut out.It dropped it to where i could just slip my finger between the tire and fender lip at the top. But the ride was good. I guess the 5.0L stang springs would have been good with out cuting.I put the rear 5.0L springs and it lowered the rear about an inch and gave it a raked look.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / '88 Turbo Coupe FOR SALE Can Deliver to CATJAM
I want your car so bad. It hurts to see that you are so puppies far away. Ever thought of taking a little trip to Calgary Alberta, Canada for the Calgary Stampede?????Just drive to Montanna,head north and bango You are in Alberta.....Just bring your car and we have a deal........sighhhhhhhhh

My wife would love that car for our wedding Anniversary. She almost cryed when I sold my 87 TC 7 years ago to move to another Province but they sure lit up when she saw your car.
Engine Swapping / 88 XR7 351W T-5 swap?
I have done this in a stang. Use the F4TE 351w engine from the F-150.250,350. Crown vic oil pan and pickup from a mid 80's 351w,Swap headers(short or long)will need a 351w lower intake and upper from FRPP,Trick Flow ect,moded the fuel rail, use the 351w efi dizz with the TFI on the side and don't forget to swap the dizzy gear from your 5.0L,65mm or bigger TB, 351w swap flywheel or the same mid 80's 5.8L crown vic flexplate and a FRPP a/c or power steering pump bracket. You also may have to shim the crank pulley. I used some washers behind the pulley.Worked great.
Catch me on if you need more info or parts.