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Drivetrain Tech / Re: Anyone completed a 4R70W trans swap?
I will do pics for sure. I am noticing that the shifter from the 2002 Mustang does not fit the trans tunnel very well. I am thinking I may have to go to the yard and get a piece of the trans tunnel from a 99-04 Mustang and fit it to the Thunderbird. I will keep you posted.
Drivetrain Tech / Re: Anyone completed a 4R70W trans swap?
So I ended up picking up a 2002 Mustang Automatic shifter and fitting it into my floor and console. Was a bunch of work on the console cover but at least I will have the proper shift pattern.
Suspension/Steering / OK Guys, School me on SN95 front brake swap
So I read a lot of the posts on here for the SN95 5 lug brake swap. With the Foxbody Mustangs you use the 94-95 front spindles. I noticed you guys on the Thunderbirds use either 94-95 spindles or the 99-04. Mine is a 1988 Thunderbird Sport and I already swapped in a 2003 GT rear diff with disc brakes. I want to make sure that my front wheels look right in my wheels and have the proper turning radius.

Another question is the springs. I heard swapping to SN95 springs can give you a lowered look while giving a stock ride. True??

Thanks guys. You rock!
Suspension/Steering / Re: 5-Lug finally done right.
Thank you so much for doing this write up. I was coming in here to ask the question about the 5 lug swap. I installed a 2003 GT diff into my 88 thunderbird. I was able to install 94 rear brake hoses and match them to the turbo coupe rear brake lines. I also had to drill the diff to mount the brake distribution block.

On the front I am going to swap the inner and outer tie rods to SN parts but my brake set up I am using is 95 spindles and 99 dual piston PBR calipers. so 11" rotors but better calipers. I did some research and found that my master cyl has a 1" bore and the Cobra master cyl has a 1-1/16" bore. Should I be ok to run the stock master cyl from the Thunderbird with the SN set up since it was all running good with the turbo coupe brakes I installed a few years ago?
Electrical Tech / 1988 EVTM
Did this forums have the EVTM's scanned to look at wiring diagrams? I had a 1988 Thunderbird EVTM and for the life of me, I can not figure out where it is.
Electrical Tech / 87/88 EFI to Carb. Read before judging.
So I bought my old 88 Sport back and i am swapping in a 351W with 4R70W. Now the guy before me took the efi harness for himself so he could swap it into a non efi car. Now with my build I am going to use the aftermarket EFI system and trans controller. I have used this unit on my wife's car and it is awesome. My question is, how do you hook up all the gauges to make the dash work? I see a couple plugs that were part of the factory efi and just want to make everything work properly.
Drivetrain Tech / 8.8" swap SN95 vs Lincoln Mark 7
Man i do not remember if it had 10" or 11" rotors on the front. I did swap to turbocoupe rotors and calipers a long time ago and everything bolted in.
Drivetrain Tech / 8.8" swap SN95 vs Lincoln Mark 7
Thanks for your help guys. Here is what I have in my parts collection.

94 SN spindles
94 front rotor
99 PBR dual piston front calipr (yes I know some grinding needs to be done)
99 rear calipers, all brackets and rotors
94 rear axles

I just need to figure out how to adapt the front brake hoses to the Thunderbird hard lines and rear caliper flex hoses to the turbo coupe hard lines.
Drivetrain Tech / 8.8" swap SN95 vs Lincoln Mark 7
Quote from: Tbird232ci;467119
The rear brakes are all the same from 94-04, as long as they are from a stick axle. The important thing to know is the year of the axles. I checked my 95 axles for a part number, but I couldn't tell if there was a number on them or not. They have a bunch of dirt caked on.

As far as your park brake goes, I don't have much information. I've done all of my 5-lug work on Turbo Coupes, which already have disk brakes. I'm pretty sure would have some helpful information, or a search on the forum.

The information in this is very hard to decipher. LMR has a rear axle guide that is a bit more useful, and should help you identify your axles.

Also, the caliper brackets are the same between 94-04.

These brackets came off of a 2001 GT:

And this shows the 94 part number:

So as long as you have the 94-98 axles, you can use whatever years SN95 brakes you have.

I guess you are right because in 99-04 the rear end housing was a tat wider then 94-98 and the 99-04 axles were also lengthened to match the 99-04 housing.
Drivetrain Tech / 8.8" swap SN95 vs Lincoln Mark 7
Parking brakes work and I have a TC rear end in the car. I was hoping to just swap 5 lug axles and buy 5 lug turbocoupe rotors that are modified to work with the axles. I remember seeing a company that did that but forget who it was.
Drivetrain Tech / 8.8" swap SN95 vs Lincoln Mark 7
Well I have 95 front spindles and 99+ calipers. I just need to remember what year Mustang I got all the rear brakes and axles from. I know I bought a complete axle and got the parts from it. I may also look for a 8.8" carrier with 28 spline spiders.

So my park brakes should work with the sn95 stuff then?