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Engine Swapping / Re: 87 "coug" resto winter project
test hits in progress,, then the TV cable pops off.
driving in 2nd for the distance may have cost me my forward clutch pack.
seeing the problem  now has my side brain trying to event a way that if this happens, the tv lever stays partially open to prevent trans damage.
i have no 3rd or OD.

back to demo.  at least its a clean job and my exhaust is all SS band clamps.
Talked to a trans shop, and im all set.  dono how much this will cost but since its the very last internal module to come out of the aod,, im gonna have him redo everything.  when i got the trans, i did find metal flakes sort of bronze  / brass looking.  prob a bushing on a valve body piston.

Mike, im doing a youtube review on tweecer soon.
i have couple vids now not posted because the topic of the vid was something else.
Electrical Tech / Re: 88 Bird intermittent engine shut down***SOLVED
if you disconnect your tfi plug in and swing out the slack all the way to fire wall, you will find out that whole cable will dress in with slack to way forward of the pass strut tower.

no wiring work needed.

alll you need now is a 3 wire extender to go from the tfi to the pip in the dizzy
Electrical Tech / Re: eec question
yeah,, thats what i keep saying to mason if he wants to go down that road of the "cobra thing".  which unto itself is from what i understand ,, the maf itself is a unique set of tables special to just the cobra.

basically i am telling him to "not" use a cobra because that very fact even takes C&L off the table if i recall correctly.
Other Vehicles / 70 Karmann Ghia BODY ON floor pan resto and interior
we've got about 2300$ in the interior rework all in boxes ready to install but have body work to do.
its not all that bad but the typical day at the office for any VW fan.  this is the wifes daily driver we are working on.
once the inside is done along with interior color change, i will move on to exterior painting.

here is my youtube channel... on this car .

If and when you get to part 6,, i have a couple tech questions that are going to need addressed prior to wrapping up the inside.

i think with a full body rubber kit (thats what they call it) for 600$ and paint stuff at around 500$.. that should call it a wrap for this shade tree mech resto work. 
I am taking my first crack at phosphoric acid being used as a rust remover so i will be testing that out and posting the results.
The price point on "food grade" phosphoric acid is much better and since we are going to need to reduce it,,, i may end up with 2 gallons of somewhat safe to handle rust dissolving agent.

Lounge / notifications this new board shows
I come to the site
i look at new notifications.....  ok ,, i get it now.. the notifications is saying people have comments to a thead of mine.
Its a useless feature if you ask me... however....

i go to my thread
i read the comments and move on.

i keep on seeing new notifications pertaining to a thread i already viewed.

it appears this new board is set up where you have to manually acknowledge each individual notification by not going to the thread but you must go to a different tab called notifications to make it stop.

seems features like this are likely tied to facebook or something.....?

if we we are expected tolerate the fact that 66.6% of all information from nearly  a 1/4 of a century  and  over 2 thousand years of combined knowledge become missing,, the moving parts we have now should not be in error to this level of simplicity.  If i read a thread, my notifications should "self manage",, thats why we went to all this new social media platform,, right..?  its supposed to be superior to everything else.

What we have now is a board with words... and no supporting substance.
Electrical Tech / Re: 88 Bird intermittent engine shut down***SOLVED
I went through 4 MSD pro billet distributors from Orielly all cutting out above 2000 rpm before I finally bought one from american muscle and its been in the car for 2 years now with no problems, since then I've always carried a spare "known good" distributor in the trunk just in case.

I find the content of your message compelling...
your exact description is the very symptom we had. 
Couple that symptom with the visual indication of our tach dropping to zero during the cutting out event.
We stumbled on a stang thread stating a similar situation but the gent doing the thread mentioned he got fixed only after "4 dist's later and finally" he got his up and running which he later pointed to the box store as the source of all his headaches.

we all should be building a contingency plan for future TFI failures.
Electrical Tech / Re: 88 Bird intermittent engine shut down
we may have this solved.

4 distributors and 5 TFI modules later..
the root cause seems to be the suppliers for Advance Auto.

one trip to Autozone today for a dizzy and all is well.

no issues at all.

we will button up all the mess we have caused chasing our tails and test hit tomorrow evening.

stay tuned.
Electrical Tech / Re: 88 Bird intermittent engine shut down
we are retesting old spots.

start car...............
we hook a test light up from chassis to the red input of the coil primary.
strong constant light

while running , we hook a test light up from the chassis to the green of the coil primary

this causes the car to stall out and die.

we unhook the spout connector and get the same results.