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Suspension/Steering / (SOLVED) Need advice on spindal / bearings issue

ok,, i posted this on the old site and i need some advice.
and just for you tom,, ill try to keep it short :)

my spindals are OEM.  I have about 320kmiles.  I replaced the bearings and the race mounted in the rotor also with the race that came with the bearings.  Prior to the change i replaced my tie rod ends and ball joints.  I still noticed that i had up/down/side to side play in the tire. 

i wore myself out just now with the help of my wife to move the tire as i tried to determine where the slop is at.

i think the slop is mostly gathered around my inner bearing between the spindal and the bearing. I added a shim between the notched washer and the bearing when i added the nut to see if that helped.  it was just like i ran out of threads on the spindal as it got so thight but the wheel moved just as free as i felt acceptable.

i pressed both new rotor races in to the full stop point.

when i replaced the rotor races, should i have *****not*****pressed it in to the full stop on both the inner and outter race of the rotor and used my nut on the spindal to finish pressing it? 

should i have left the race on each side slightly un seated so that this would maybe split the difference on wear.?  kind of let the bearings fall where they want to vs where they originally were when the spindal was new.

do people typically notice the spindal wear to be on the inner bearing area?
Electrical Tech / Re: computer pin outs
hey bob,, i got those from either carmen or tom.,,, forgot who but anyways thanks to them i was able to share.

btw,, to all of you

my computer had a trojan horse form someone somewhere, who knows. 

scan that file / pc of yours asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Engine Tech / Re: Repairing plastic fuel lines?
and,,,,,,,,you could always leave it llke that and install an inline clear fuel filter do hicky up at your input fuel line like i did.

they are pretty small for the most part, about the 3/4'' in diameter and a couple inches long.  Makes it easy to change your fuel filter from now on.  I did this when i pulled the screens on my injectors.
Electrical Tech / Re: computer pin outs
i have a neat eec pinout if you wanna email me just incase this attachment feature does not work.

well,,, looks like i need some help on the how to's of making an existing file much smaller.  I am having the same problem with my avitar.

email me.......ill check and see if your email is avail.,, if so, dont worry about emailing me.
Site Suggestions / Re: Just testing...
test,,opps, you cant post unless you have a min of 10 characters.
i typed "test" only on first try and i was not allowed to post.
Engine Tech / Re: Repairing plastic fuel lines?
yeah,, they do make splice kits for plastic.  You will probably find that using the plumbers glue will also make a better connection.  the glue will fuse the plastic insert to the line by that magical chemical process.

Im my opinion,, id put an outter sleeve on vs an insert.,,why?  an insert would probably cause a fuel flow restriction(decreasing the inner diameter of the line.

if you can find an outter sleeve of some sorts,,put the glue on the outside of your line and slip the sleeve on each loose end.

even better would be if you could heat up the line and slide an insert large enough up inside each end but id be skitish on that cause your dealing with gas.
Lounge / Re: Hey guys!
trying to break all the commandments in one post eh,,lol